Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank God it's Over

How many of you are glad to see 2011 bite the dust? I know I am. This past year has been crazzzy! Not even including the economy, just personal stuff.

2012 starts our new life together in Arizona, well eventually. We can't wait to get out of California and onto the 3rd stage of our lives!!! Yippeee. We will be around all of our children and grands, finally!

I've listed more designs on Ebay that I'd like to share with you.

then there's an adorable snow Queen you'll love

Then a great collector's item is this snowmomma and babes

Another snowperson, however this time it's a father pulling his daughter on a sled

and lastly is this awesome Valentine doll that could be left out yearround shouting LOVE

Be sure to check them all out on ebay HERE .

Also tonight is the new update for TDIPT Mercantile for 2012. I have a preview of my newest offering on that site.

It's an adorable mother Rabbit anxiously waiting for Spring to plant her new garden but meanwhile has discovered some vegetables that were from last years garden that survived.

Check out my TDIPT page HERE Be sure to refresh your browser so you see the current issue.

I will also be updating my Etsy page HERE

and my website as well as discounting some items so be sure to check back frequently for some great steals! Click HERE to see all my great new designs.

On another note, I have had the privilege of having my Pumpkin Lady "Madge" featured in Stampington's newest PRIMS magazine on page 70.

She will be available for sale shortly. When I receive her back from the magazine. So keep a watch on my site for her.

Lastly I'd like to share a new pattern that I just released that has been a hoped for with alot of folks.

The pattern is $12.00 plus $1.00 for shipping. You can order it on my website. It's sure to be a great seller at all your selling avenues.

That's about it this New Year's Eve. I pray that next year will bring a fresh new start for all of us. I'm hoping for a BIG change in our government to get us back on track to a good, solvent nation once again. God Bless the USA and God Bless you!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Santa's Coming to Town"

Are you ready for the jolly old man to visit you yet? I'm not. Actually it's kinda hard to get into Christmas when there's no little ones around your home anymore.I hate the way it's so commercialized anymore.

I've moved on from designing for Christmas to thinking of Valentine's Day and Spring. However, I do have several new Winter offerings on Ebay currently that I know you'll love. First is Daddy and Patty, a Winter Snow design of daddy pulling Patty on her sled through the winter storm. Here's a peek of them.

Aren't they an adorable couple? Too darn cute.

Then there's a primitive Winter Snow Queen with a hand hooked snowman magic wand.

Isn't she adorable? She's primmed but whimsical all in one! Don't miss out on her.

Then lastly on Ebay I have my newest design just off the line called "1802 Winter". A winter scene of a snow momma holding little Junior and pulling her antique wood sled with a tree through the winter snowstorm.

This is my absolute favorite design. All at great low starting bids! Check them all out HERE

Then I have to tell you about my newest designs just listed on Etsy HERE that you are going to love!

There are new angels called "Bedpost Angels"; Herman the rabbit; Valentines day items, great miniature perfectly aged and primmed bears wearing vintage quilt style dresses and more!

Watch for more stuff to be listed tomorrow, December 15th.

Also I have a Valentine's Day Doll offering on PFATT Marketplace this month as well HERE called Valentina. She can also be put on layaway>email me for info.

I really wish it would snow. They were calling for snow the other day but it didn't happen. We rarely get it here in the high desert region of California, but when we do, it's awesome. I know alot of you are sick and tired of snow already..just blow it out here, we'd love to have some. There's just something calming about being outside during a snowstorm. I recall as a child going outside at night to play in the snow and looking up at the sky and the snow falling gently down, all was calm just like the silent night song. I used to stick my tongue out and let the snowflakes fall on it and eat um hehe but I do recall there wasn't a sound and how peaceful it was. That has stuck with me all these years.

I grew up in Pennsylvania where we used to get lots of snowstorms and snow drifts way high. I took that for granted when I moved away in 1972 and now would love to visit in Winter again. Maybe someday.

Well gotta run and head back to work. Thanks for stopping to read

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Yep! It's right around the corner and will be here before we know it. I will only be listing items on ebay till probably the week of the 12th, that's Christmas items. There might be some Valentine and more snowy items tho, so stay tuned.

Wanted to share with you all my latest ebay listings that have LOW starting bids. First is Santa Claus with is decorated tree in a wooden sled and a peaceful white dove in a nest of greenery.

Now isn't he a cutie? Be sure to check out the slideshow below for great closeups of the uniqueness of these designs.

Then comes Sunbright Snowball who is dressed in a blue winter scened dress with lots of snow and german glass glitter and glitz and mica flakes. She holds a great star ornament which could be used separately or hung on your Winter tree till Spring.

I would really appreciate you taking a look at my auctions. Please remember to support your favorite Artist of Handmade in USA designs. This helps to create jobs for Americans when they otherwise wouldn't be able to find any jobs for one reason or another.

On another note, I am requesting prayer for our family. If you are a follower of my blog, then you know the headaches we've had with my dd's exhusband and custody of our grandson. Well he did not return him from his weekend custody yesterday (as he had a plane ticket) and is causing all kinds of headaches for our family now, once again. So looks like we will be heading back to Court once again. Please pray for wisedom, empathy from the Judge who has always been on her ex's side to truly see how manipulating he is once and for all and bring some punishment so he gets the message that he can't treat my dd with name calling, cursing and swearing constantly to and about her and make him responsible for the bills that he is supposed to pay. He has not followed the Court order at all but expects us to bring our grandson back (350 miles) 2 times a month to see him at our expense! And my daughter isn't even making as much as he is. Furthermore, the wage garnishment is a joke! He has a way of working around it with his boss so that she only gets a small portion of what he should be paying, yet he has a new just goes on and on and my nerves are shattered.

He even got in my face at the airport the other day when I simply said something to him that I didn't like the way he talked to my dd. He was lucky my dh wasn't there or he would have gotten decked for sure. He has totally changed. Nothing like he used to be and I think that is in part because he married a hot headed witch who hates my daughter, even though she doesn't even know her and is acting like a loon. Please pray they both grow up!
Anyways I will continue to pray that he goes away somewhere..maybe his job can transfer him overseas or something. But something has to give! And my poor grandson is probably wondering why he hasn't gone back to Arizona with my dd. Who knows what his dad is telling him. I hate to think that.

Oh well didn't mean to get on that subject but it's close to my heart and we really need prayer to bind all this anger and resentment etc he has for us up.

Thanks for listening

Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping Anyone?

Not me. No way, there's nothing I need so bad that I'm willing to fight pepper spray, or being trambled! People are desperate, I suppose. Especially in these tough times where we are trying to stretch a buck as far as it will go.

Want to give you a heads up about our TDIPT Group Launch called "Winter Wonderland" on Ebay which is to start this Sunday.

I'm sure they'll be lots of great Winter and Christmas designs to be had with wonderful old fashioned look and feel along with some whimsy too. I'm not sure if I'll have mine up before Sunday since I will be unavailable that day or the day after, but I plan to be offering something for your bidding pleasure with a low starting bid, so please plan to check out my ebay page to see.

This is definitely sure to make the giver of this gift the talk of the exchange!

On another note, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. My daughter and her boyfriend joined us for dinner. I'm glad I decided to cook, although my husband said to not bother. Secretly I knew he was just saying that for my benefit, as he loves to have leftovers. I do as well. Besides now I won't have to cook for a few days lol.

Well it's back to work for me. Thanks for taking the time to stop and read.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November News

Howdy everyone! I'm in Arizona today but leaving tomorrow to head home. We had to come and finish moving our daughter into her new apartment. She was able to move alot of the stuff herself but we had to get the big items over by truck.

She's really settling in and adjusting. She starts her new job tomorrow at The Gap Warehouse here in Arizona. She was hired as christmas help but they will be keeping some of the workers on fulltime. She's only to get 1 month of work but at least it's something and the pay isn't shabby either.

I can't believe how many jobs there are here. You wouldn't even get an interview where we live in California.

I just cannot wait to move's so much better all around for us to move here. Especially for my aches and pains with fibromyalgia and my back pain. I decided this weekend that I'm getting a calendar and I'm counting down the days till we can finally move over here.

It will be sad leaving tomorrow but I have to get back home cuz I have loads of work w/my business.

We will see them again in a few weeks for Thanksgiving. My daughter and grandson are flying over but he will be with his father and she will fly back on Saturday after Thanksgiving because she has to work on Sunday and we will drive our grandson home after his visit with dad. This is a VERY costly mess with us having to have the total brunt of the expense of getting him to California and back to Arizona, twice a month, plus mom works on Sundays and that's the day she's supposed to pick him up from Dad to drive home or fly. It just is so unfair that father isn't having to help out with this transportation. We are trying our best to follow the Court order but you can't get blood out of a turnip and the well does dry up.

I know the Lord is on our side and will continue to be. He (father) needs to grow up and also stop being so petty over stupid things. He has never taken REAL responsibility for his son since he was born! But expects to have all the rights as a father! What makes it worse is that sucky California lets him get away with it!! Yet he'll threaten my daughter that he will file paperwork that she is in contempt of the Court Order, but he hasn't followed his part! Oh well we may just be going back to Court. Please pray that we can get a change of venue here for her and have it heard before a different judge who doesn't have any connection to the evaluator that the stupid Judge we had thinks "walks on water."

Okay I'll get off my soapbox.

Is it snowing where you live? I grew up with snow in Pennsylvania till I graduated. Never thought that I would never move back there. I do miss the snow alot in the winter..especially around the holidays. Occasionally we get "wanna be" snow in California but it's not like back east.

Have you checked out my items for sale on Etsy lately? I have been listing alot of smaller items that are great for stocking stuffers or exchange gifts. They are all at great low prices too.

Us girls at TDIPT are talking about a group launch soon on Ebay so stay tuned regarding that.

Please remember to support you favorite American made artists this holiday season. We are all hurting in this economy and appreciate all the support you can give.

Well it's late here and I'm the last one up. I better hit the hay. Till later

Friday, November 4, 2011

Giving Thanks

This is the month that we give thanks for all that the Lord has blessed us with. I have alot to be thankful of. The Lord has blessed my family and although we might not see it often enough, he is always watching and protecting us.

A new chapter has opened in my life book and my daughter's. She obtained a job in Arizona and will start on November 11th. It's supposed to be for holiday help, however, they did say that they will be hiring some people on permanent afterwards. Please pray that my daughter is able to continue working there, or that she is able to find a good phlebotomy job where she will have off on weekends so that she can be able to follow the court order regarding shared custody of our grandson.

There are so many jobs over here verses where we live. Our daughter in law was able to get a permanent parttime job at anna's linens too. The plan was for our dd to live with my son and his wife for about 5 months till she was able get on her feet,however, life as it is ...that wasn't able to happen and so I ended up staying for the week after me and hubs came to visit last weekend. We were able to find her her own nice apartment and get daycare figured out for our grandson.

We will continue to come over, matter of fact we will be coming over a couple of times in the next few weeks. Lots of travel but we have to help her move the big stuff in her new place and get our son's stuff situated too. It's going to be a hard couple of months. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.

It's a rough road because the Judge who allowed my dd to move her is the same judge who imposed all these requirements for her to move ie that we have to bring him back 2 times a month, but the minute order reads 3 visits however doesn't state that 1 of those 3 were if he wanted to spend his money to come here to visit or pay to have my grandson brought back. So of course he's angry. Never a dull moment.

I'm praying that in the next few months will fly fast and the feelings that were hurt through all this will be mended. The Lord can change hearts and heal hearts as well.

On another note I have enjoyed trick or treating w/my grandkids which is a first for me with a few of them, and also that I am able to have dinner with my daughters and bingo tomorrow with a few of them. Life is short and these little things are true blessings to my heart.

Regarding my business, if you haven't checked it out, I have been listing loads of low end items for sale on my etsy. I will be listing more when I return home early this next week. I was not able to upload anything for TDIPT Mercantile this month, however, I will be uploading some Christmas items for PFATT Marketplaceon the 10th.

Since staying this week with my daughter and son, my dd has gotten me hooked on bedtime tea with honey and lemon balm. What a wonderful drink late in the evening. I'm looking forward to coming over and staying with her in her apartment with my grandson and visiting my other children, including my son and my grandchildren. Thanks for all your prayers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Can't believe October's almost over. Halloween is on the horizon. Seems the months have flown by for me.

We moved our daughter and grandson to Arizona and they are settling in. Before we know it, we'll be following along.

Had a successful show at

Glitterfest in Santa Ana this past Saturday. Great group of designers offering lots of great items for sale. If you ever get a chance, be sure to check it out but take lots of money as there is a real temptation to spend.

Have you heard about the great credit card user friendly "Square Up"? If not, and you sell at shows or whatever, it's a great way to take a credit card. Lower fees than Paypal and no monthly fee either. Check it out HERE.

I spent today adding some new designs to my website and Etsy. Some I've had for awhile and just needed to get them listed and others were left over from the show.

I also listed some great pilgrims "The Duncans" on ebay HERE

I had to put a reserve on it because of all the work involved and the way ebay is so fickle these last few years. If you'd like to know what the reserve is, feel free to email me.

I will be listing more items on both tomorrow and until they are all listed so check back for new items.

I have a facebook page for my business if you're interested, check it out HERE

Like my page too

I have decided to start delving into other mediums besides fabric. I will be sharing this art with you too. Thanks for taking the time to stop and read my blog. Jump in the leaves for me if you live back east. I miss that as we live in the desert with no trees really.

Till next time, have fun with whatever you do.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Is it true? September is almost gone. One more day and it's all over for 2011, never to happen again. Gosh where does the time go. Christmas is closer than we think. Matter of fact September to me means that it will take no time for Christmas to come.

I am getting a really late start on designing for Halloween and Christmas. If you've been keeping up on my blog, then you know about all the "stuff" I have been going through for the last year. That really put me behind.

I am only doing one show this year which is Glitterfest in Santa Ana, California. It is a one day affair on October 15, 2011. I will be madly working on items for this show next week before the show. It's down to the wire, I know but that seems to be the way my life has been lately.

I have some new designs for October on TDIPT Mercantile. Meet Smitty and his sidekick, Rodchester.

I will probably have a few other offerings but not sure what.

I haven't had the time to post about my offerings on PFATT Marketplace for September. I have two fantastic witchs with great attitudes and a scarecrow too.

The first is Ursula Wickenstein, isn't she great?

The next is Corvis Scareum.Oh and we can't forget "Butch"

His name is Butch and he gives the best hayrides!

Check em out HERE .

Check them all out. Watch for some new items to be listed after the 15th. Maybe even a giveaway so make sure you go to my website and sign up for my mailing list to be qualified to enter. You might win.

Please note that I will not be available from Sept 30-October 3-4. So if you place an order I will get back to you but won't be shipping until after that date. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Most of you didn't know there was a contest going on. Why is that? Because you aren't on my mailing list for my website

Didn't have near as many entries as I thought I might have, but that just made it better odds.

Annnnddd the winning name is

Congratulations Corina, I will be emailing you this morning that you won this adorable Annie!

Now that my life has somewhat settled down after the trial, I am madly working on Halloween and Fall designs. I have 2 great witches of which at least 1 will go for sale on PFATT which is released at 10:00 am on the 10th of the month which will be Saturday so I better hustle. I'm even going to be offering my first Gothic style doll soon too.

I'm also preparing for my show HERE.

If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and say hello. I love to meet people who love handmade items.

I have been so busy that I forgot to share my offering for TDIPT this month. Her name is Priscilla.

For details on her visit my BLOG

Also I have another new pattern in the newest (holiday) issue of Create and Decorate magazine. It's called "Snowflake N Chill".

Aren't they adorable? Read more about them
HERE . They make great cupboard hangers or large ornaments or you could resize them smaller if you'd like, with my blessing.

Well that's about it in my corner of the world. Hope you enjoyed your time. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today was the last day of our Court trial for our daughter and grandson to be able to move to Arizona with us when we retire. We won!

We are very happy with the Court's approval, however, I can't say that I feel the same about some of the proceedings.

Why is it that a person can be ordered to pay child support, provide proof of insurance, proof of residence and never abide by the orders be given everything on a silverplatter as if he was doing everything he was ordered? Yet a mother, who is just trying to make a better life for her child, is admonished if she even breaks one of the orders that father will get permanent custody of a child that has been in her physical custody since birth (child aged 5) Where is the damn justice in that?????? It's like, okay I ordered this but it's okay if you don't do what I problem, we'll still make mother (who btw isn't getting support) and who is unemployed and living with parents pay for all visitations to and from Arizona to California, oh and not only that, make sure if you're visiting need to give him an overnight visit!!! Where the he-- is the justice in that?

Now, mind you, we have all intention on keeping father involved in grandson's life, however, why is it that the grandparents are expected to fund the cost of getting child here/there but father not?? What kinda crap is that??

And limit mother to a specific airport even if one nearby are cheaper? Who cares..mother's paying, not father, and we wouldn't even think of making this a bit of a hardship on father!!!! CRAP! and then to be told (threatened) in taking her son away is uncalledfor. But that's okay, because this ruling commissioner hasn't heard the last of us. He has expressed his opinion regarding my husband's feelings toward the father without really knowing how my husband feels at all!!! Shame on him.

Why does it seem that the people who are following the law, are the ones who are never appreciated when the deadbeats and the nonfollowers get away with m der?
I worry about our Courts! They are terribly screwed up!!!

Sorry to go get on my soap box, but it's just not right!!! Perhaps if she didn't follow the Court order, then maybe some chastising might be expected but to hold this over her head...what kinda crap is that?

This has been a very hard, long, nervewrecking, costly trial. Like I said ..we won, but it just doesn't seem so sweet as it would if the commissioner wasn't so judgmental of our daughter for no means. All I know is we will be documenting, photographing, recording everything that happens, times etc because from the way the judge gave him every excuse he definitely isn't on my daughter's side and I'm sure we haven't had our last day in Court.

Our poor daughter has been through the wringer..a few weeks ago her and I went grocery shopping and came out and discovered a red car parked next to us had MAJORLY banged their passenger door into my daughter's car. My daughter had just had bodywork done on her car with a new paint job about a year ago. Red paint was on her white car and vice versa on their door. Nonetheless the jerk wasn't even smart enough to move his car! of course he didn't leave a note with his insurance info either. So we walked inside and had security help us..they photographed it and paged the party who never responded. So the police were called, came and then out comes the wild, lowlife guy prancing around like he was strung out on dope; who started to yell at the cop; calling the black card and how the cop was taking these white ladies word for everything,on our side etc and he wasn't admitting to hitting the car; or paying for it and we weren't getting any info from him. You can imagine the look on his face when my husband shows up and is black as well!! HA priceless!

Let me tell you what!! If I were a cop, his ass would have been put in my cruiser immediately, but this cop had the patience of Job and finally after he kept arguing with the cop he told him he either gives us his info or he'll take a trip to the station and be charged with hit and run; which he already committed! okayyy..sounds good..he finally gives him the info; however, the police took our address which we had to provide (that law needs to be changed!!!) and we went on our way. Why was it that I really expected something to happen in response to that??? Was it cuz he's a lowlife LA freekin jerk? hmm I wonder...BUT our daughter leaves to take our grandson to school on his first day and she says something smells of fire inside her car...we had a forest fire nearby the day before but that's not it!! Here her whole dash is ripped out, destroyed, her window is not going up or down; and lastly there was a fire set on the passengers side! does that sound like something someone would have done in retaliation??

Our only recourse is to file another police report on this and pay a $300 deductible on her insurance to have it fixed. What kinda crap is that??? Another injustice! However, they left a cigarette butt in the car...the police took it but they are so overloaded and underbudget that I'm sure they won't be pursuing whose DNA is on that. Maybe they should turn it over to the insurance company, ya think???

This all happened in the middle of the trial and it's the hottest days of summer it's been in the desert and she can't even open her windows and her a/c compressor went out!! Talk about Satan attacking?? Please keep us in prayer or well wishes or what have you. We don't deserve this Karma, believe me. I think this was a test to see how my body responds to stress!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

August in Bloom

August is in full bloom here in Southern California. Still hot days and we finally got our pool going. Our grandson is having a blast, I swear he's a water rat hehe not afraid of getting his head wet, that's for sure. He started swimming lessons today, not that he needed them but I believe it can never hurt to have too many lessons. We always make sure he wears a lifejacket when he swims..too many sorry accidents happen in pools.

I'm glad to have it for some relief of my back pain I've been having. There's nothing like cold or I should say cool water to soothe the aches. I prefer cold over heat anyday.

Wanted to do a shout out about my nephew, Kory Rabenold, who has been racing ever since he was a baby.

He's trying so hard to get picked up by NASCAR but lives in such a small town in PA (Slatington) where it's been difficult. Check out his racing page HERE . He just completed an ARCA race this past Sunday in the Poconos. He finished 15th place which is really good. We are SO proud of him. The race was televised on the Speed channel so you might still be able to see it. Way to go Kory!! Aunt Sharon's in your corner!

Moving right along, I've gotten a way-too-slow start on fall creations but hope to start offering some new ones soon.

The newest issue of Create n Decorate should be hitting the shelves soon with my newest pattern for fall in my ad, Pumpkin Pete.

He's 31 1/2" tall and full of primfall greatness! Check him out HERE .

In this tough economy, unfortunately, copycats have hit a few good designer friends of mine lately. One even went so far as to post that she can't afford the $200 that the designers dolls are going for on Ebay, that she decided to make her own and sell it on Ebay!!!!!!!!!! Talk about blatant!!! Now, does that shout of stupid or what?? I have had my copycats in my days and believe me, it's maddening! They wait and watch to see what hard work you've come up with for a design and then just simply steal and take what they want and then claim it as an original? Original what??? Copy?? Of course the copy is never near as good as the original work of the hardworking, clever, well designed, quality artist that created it! Even if they don't make the big dollars that the true original goes for, nonetheless, they are getting paid and feeding that copycat nature to just repeat it again.

To all copycats out there..there are enough patterns on the market to choose from, that allow you to make their designs, stick with those, especially when you don't know what the he.. you're doing!!!

Some people's children!

Sorry it seems the last few posts have been somewhat negative, but that's life and being a participant on the designer end of it is no fun!! Just hard work. We don't just sit around and magically the ideas come to mind!

C'mon this isn't elementary school anymore folks! Grow up!!!

Here's to some R&R..lord knows I need some.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Can you really believe that I am blogging 3 times in one month?? Wow, I'm doing good.

How's your summer going? Mine's been okay. A few minor setbacks but still hot and going strong.

I did go to the Long Beach Quilt Show but was somewhat disappointed in it. Not near as many vendors, no will-call available on the same floor..they had one on the 2nd floor ..but with someone who has trouble carrying big packages and trepping a story to drop them off that doesn't help me! C'mon you promoters for this show!!! Think!!!!

At Road to California shows they have boy scouts that do will call and it's available right in the front on that floor.

Worse yet, I asked security where's a water fountain..he said on the 2nd floor! Liar!!! There was one in the food court where I purchased my bottle of water to take my pills.

On another note, my daughter was along and she loved the show. So I spent most of my money on her. She needs a diversion from all the Court stuff. BTW as it was not handled last Court date our next one is in a few weeks. I'm very hopeful that this will all be rectified then and she can get on with her life.

One booth that I adored wasLazy Daisy Cottage . Dana has some awesome stuff and my dd and I adored her minki stripped quilts. Check them out...she screams of talent!!!

Another fantastic designer I found, who had the only primitive dolls that I saw is Gunny Sack Mercantile

I adore her angelic skeleton pattern and all her stuff..check out the icicles!! Adorable! I was able to purchase these 2 patterns (which I rarely purchase any patterns) and I fully intend to make at least one to sell and promote her designs. She really has a great primitive eye. So stop by her site and give a shout out to Donna Stevens (not related to me)and tell her Sharon Stevens/Mustardseed sentcha! She's a sweetheart!

Her friend has some great quilting patterns as well. I'm not sure if she has her stuff on the site but I'm sure Donna could tell you.

How many of you believe in Karma? You know>>what goes around, eventually will come around?? Well I am a firm believer in this. I've seen it happen way too many times to not believe it. Anyways I'm also a believer in giving back and helping newer, less exposed artists giving them a boost if I can through my business. Promote these new designers..don't look at it as competition..competition is good!! So with this post I am asking that you check out these sites I gave you. You never know what you'll find. last complaint of this post is regarding our famous "Martha Stewart". A well known designer posted something on Facebook about MS promoting India artists work and asking that we Americans purchase their art as they need money. Well what out American artists??? Hey I have my hand waving in the air when the question is posed who is having tough time in this economy!!! Martha Stewart> You are welcome to come to my house anytime and promote my business!! We don't need a celebrity from America, no less, going to a foreign country to sell imports!!! We have enough imports here that we are competing with!!!Give me a break!!!

I want you, Martha Stewart, to know that I personally will be BOYCOTTING any purchase of your designs, or products you endorse etc. Maybe I don't purchase enough MS stuff..but if we all do this, maybe she'll get the message. Better yet, write her! I plan to! But then like my husband says, it's all about money and who is paying her to do this. Yea..the good ole buckeroo!

Okay I'll get off my soapbox. Make sure you check out TDIPT Mercantile after 9:00 pm EST for the August issue of our site. I'm sure there will be some awesome designs for fall too!!

And I'll leave you with a page from the first issue of PRIMS magazine where they featured my dolls.

See ya later

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Right Along

July is winding down and we're heading into August. Still some hot weather to be had here in Southern California.

I was on a great roll of destashing my primitive collections on ebay and with the fees, is it really worth it? By the time I sell something for 99 cents, pay ebay, paypal and then the additional shipping that I didn't quote right..somehow I'm paying to give this stuff away. So I decided to put some items on my picturetrail with prices and a or best check em out HERE Help me get this stuff GONE! please!! I have loads more. Great deals too!!

On another note I have to share my recent experience in switching medications. I have been on a med for 8 years now, and my doctor switched me to Savella to help with my fibromyalgia. At first it was okay, I seemed a bit irritable, however, as the days went on (1 week of symptoms) I started feeling terrible..nauseous, vomiting, major head spins and excessive sweating to the point of my clothing drenching as soon as I got out of the shower.

Called my doctor and she just said to continue taking it and make sure I took it with food..HA!!!

Later that evening as I took my afternoon dose I was instantly convinced that I'm allergic to this med!!!! I stopped taking it and am having a really rough time of it. It's been about a week with the symptoms and I'm hoping it'll stop soon. I'll make sure that's one drug I won't ever take again. I'm much rather be in pain that have those effects!!! So beware if you're thinking of taking the side effects carefully! Not just the regular side effects but the severe ones! Holy Cow! The cure for the sickness is worse than the sickness itself!! Just wanted to mention that.

Even in my younger drinking days I never experienced a hangover as bad as that!! and I remember drinking, smoking and being out till the bars closed and up for work at 6:00 am with the hangover!!

So with feeling like this, doubt very much that I'll be heading to the Long Beach Quilt Show which is only 1 time a year..darn it and I missed it last year!

Well take some time to check out my destash stuff..I gotta run..slip a prayer in for me if you can so this stuff will stop and I'll be on the road to myself. Thanks much!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Has it been really 3 months since my last post? Shame on me..but I have excuses galore for the lack of time in posting. If you follow my blog you know the custody battle we are going through to allow our daughter and grandson to move to Arizona. Hopefully this is going to all be wrapped up by next week.

Did I mention we have an AWESOME attorney? Kerry Justice is her name and she is so passionate regarding her work it's amazing and refreshing to see an attorney that you actually don't mind paying! She's well worth her price and more.

As if that's not enough to keep me occupied, we took a mini vakay to San Diego Sea World. Our grandson loved it. We adults weren't that impressed by the whole thing, mainly because they changed alot of the shows. They added too much of that cirque sole lei type stuff...too many acrobats and not enough interaction with the animals. I thought they used to ride the whale, Shamu, maybe I'm mistaken, but that one handler that was killed might have influenced that.

At least the price tag wasn't so bad $61.00 is alot better than $83 for Disney!! Crazy! But at least Jayden had a great time.

Also, we were finally able to take everything out of my work room and reorganize everything!! Well actually alot of it is still in my front room, which I am going through and purging. I cannot believe everything came from my room!! Call me a hoarder, yes I admit it! Crazy! However, my loss is your gain as I am listing my destashing items on ebay at low prices! Lots of antique items too. I will be listing some everyday till I'm finished which will probably be months!! It feels so good to package them up and off they go. Check em out HERE. Like I said I will be listing everyday so bookmark to keep checking, never know what you'll see that you can't live without.

Also I'm listing some on my Etsy page too for you folks that don't like bidding HERE.

Summer is in full season here in Southern California. The electric bills are going sky high with having to use our air. Our pool needs a new motor so it's gone south but we should have that up and going in the next week or so.

Well that's about it today. I'll try and blog to let you know some of the items I am parting with. Currently, there's lots of supplies for primitive dolls, vintage cookie cutters, an old 1930's doll, a mini wood cabinet, a vintage sewing cabinet, old rolling pin, wood boxes, noses for animals, paper mache eggs, gourds, rusty bedsprings, small wood wreaths, plastic vintage doll bodies with some clothes..and more! On Etsy I have an adorable mini baby cradle for altered art or dolls; patterns never used; vintage tomato pincushions; splattered greenware bowl; very old sand pail; vintage bandaid containers; very old thread spool holder; and loads more! Be sure to check em out!! If you're looking for something, give me a holler, you never know if I might have it. Till later :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Designs

Have you visited my Etsy page lately? I've added some adorable springtime Rabbits. I am thoroughly enjoying creating these critters and bringing them to life.
My newest one, Bonnie Belle, is dressed in a blue outfit perfect for this season!

She has her pet Swan, "Darla", which is not permanently attached. Here's a closeup of Bonnie's darling face, how can you resist her?

She's guaranteed to steal your heart! and if for some reason she doesn't, then check out her friend, Cassandra Carrith.

Isn't she a cutie too?

Here's a darlin chick..."Cluck" is her name and she's on my PFATT page I just adore her

Here's a closeup of her darlin face ...

Well that's enough eye candy for now. Be sure to check out all my Etsy designs HERE.

I've been busy with some deadlines and trying to get some new Americana dolls made too. My studio is a mess. I'm the worse organizer in the world. I'm going to have to break it down into sections as it's overwhelming at this point. I need to majorly downsize too.

You might recall awhile back I asked for prayer for my daughter's court actions regarding our grandson. Well many months have passed and we are hopefully coming to a close in regard as to weather she will be allowed to move with us to Arizona.

Once again I am asking that everyone pray that we have a favorable outcome this Friday when we go to court. Our evaluator has been less than pleasant to work with. These people that the court hires to evaluate the children and parents ..well our's anyway is such a joke!! The cost is astronomically high for the very little time that they even evaluate any of them!! I pray that this will all be overwith this weekend, once and for all and we, at last, will know our direction our life will be going forward. I hate being in limbo.

I'd like to share a blog with everyone that has become of interest to me. I found it while searching out online information regarding fibromyalgia. Selena at OH MY ACHES AND PAINS is participating in a Break Cancer project to raise awareness of the issues facing young adults with cancer. It is a program that was started by Lance Armstrong. Stop by her blog between 12 midnight to 11:59 pm PDT on Friday, April 22, and leave a small comment to support them.

Have you seen the new "Prim Nest" shopping site where there's a bunch of talented primitive artists selling their wares? Check it out HERE If you haven't seen it yet, take some time to check it out when you find some time.

Do you think facebook has taken alot of people away from blogging? Or blogsurfing? I don't get to read as many blogs as I'd like as there never seems to be enough time at the end of the evening.

Hope Spring is in your neck of the woods, and have fun tiptoeing through the tulips :-)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Busier than a Bee

Oh gosh, time has gotten ahold of me again! I can't believe it's been this long since I've last blogged.

Alot has happened since then..the best being that my father doesn't need the oxygen anymore. He's pretty much back to his old self..Thank You Lord. My stepmom was wanting to take a trip to Vegas to get away but the doctor said now isn't a good time.

We made a trip to Phoenix to visit our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. It was a great short trip. My daughter, D-I-L and myself went shopping and had a good time. We always love to visit Hobby Lobby mainly because we don't have them in California. Also Savers thrift stores too. They are a bit pricier than Goodwills but have top quality clothing.

We won't wait that long to take another visit there.

I have been listing designs on ebay here lately and currently have two rabbits on, one is Americana and the other is Welcome Spring. Take a look here .

Also I have 3 new designs on both TDIPT and PFATT. There

are some irrestible designs. You've got to check out "Mousie" who's picture is below:

and an adorable Sheep

And I have to share "Cluck" too as she's one of my all time favorites too


Well it's getting late and I'm running late for my bath, so I'm going to go for tonight but I promise to post more tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by to catch up.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prayer Helps

I'd like to start out thanking all you folks who have kindly been praying for my dad.

It's only been a little over a week since he had surgery, and not being used to having any medical problems is really frustrating him. He's been stubborn from what my stepmom says. And worse yet, he won't do anything but sit and think. No watching TV like he used to (TV game show addict) so I suggested reading. Something to keep his mind occupied.

My stepmom goes out for small errands and wanted someone to sit with him while she was gone..whoa did he have a fit! "I don't need anyone to babysit me!" hehe pray for my stepmom..she really is a gem!! Wish I was back there (2,000 miles+) to see him.

They did find out when they went to see the Lung doctor this week. That they removed some of his right upper lung where the spot was. I suppose it wasn't cancerous because they cancelled his appointment with the cancer doctor. Either they cut it out or he never had cancer. So far, so good. I just hope these doctors know what they're talking about, because remember, doctors PRACTICE medicine.

That brightened my day when I heard that news. So he's on the backstretch heading to the finish. He just needs to relax and take one day at a time.

Being ill like that really humbles you. I know firsthand when I had my sever back surgery. Wow..treating our bodies good is so important.

On another note, I just updated my website with some new designs for spring. Take a look.

I also added some new designs to my Etsy shop too. Check them out too.

And Pfatt
is up for February. There's lots of great designs on there too.

Here's a couple of photos of some of my designs you'll find:

I'll close with this. Spring is in the air, I can feel it.
Blessings till next time~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life Moves Ahead

Regardless if you want it too or not, life moves ahead. Somedays I wish I could rewind a few days back or even weeks. Seems like when you have your schedule all set then something happens and the next thing you know you're into the next week. Anyone else feel like that? Good, so it's not just me.

This past month has really been a challenging one for me. Not just my business, but also with my father being ill. The waiting and not knowing is the worse. We were hoping to once and for all know what we were dealing with, but again, we don't know for sure if he has cancer.
Doctors said as far as they can see he doesn't have cancer, but just damage as a result of the chemicals he worked with. BUT..there's always that but in there...we are still waiting on news of the lymph nodes. Then, hopefully, we'll find out for sure. Meanwhile my dad is resting in the hospital where he will remain until at least Thursday. Please continue to pray for him. He's a trooper, an Army veteran, a joker, a gambler, a believer and he thanks you too.

As if that wasn't enough to send me into next week, then it has to be going to Court with my youngest daughter. That's where I'll be tomorrow morning. Lord willing, my ex son-in-law will get chastized for not paying his child support and for his constant harassment of my very stress-ridled daughter. He has really taken the cake with some of his ways of harassing her. It amazes me. Please pray that the Judge will be able to see exactly what kind of man he is and not be fooled. There has to be justice for young mothers like my daughter.

And lastly my enemy,fibromyalgia, once again has sucked of my days from me. I hate fibromyalgia!!! I can't even have 2 days of delight, shopping in the sunshine with my lovely daughter; or taking a trip to the fabric store on 2 occasions and then there's a day yardsaling to have landed me a day where I'm not myself!! I refuse to give in and allow it to take my joy away. I will go out to lunch with my husband even if I am in pain. I need to quit giving into it! It will not control my life!

Thanks for all the prayers and for listening to me whining.

I wasn't able to list my TDIPT offerings on the site this month in time for upload. However, I'm still working to finish them and they will be on my website under "Spring" or the side bar HERE. They will all be rabbits in time for Spring and Easter! Please don't miss them.

I could still use your prayers for my daughter for tomorrow. Thanks so much!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Need Some Prayer Here

I know we could all use a little prayer but tonight I'm asking for specific prayer for my dad, Ken Rabenold, who is going in the hospital on Monday morning to have a biopsy taken via endoscopy of his lungs.

He had a PET Scan several weeks ago which didn't tell the doctors for sure if he has cancer, so they say, even tho it lite up~which was my understanding that if it does, it means it's cancer. Plus there are some black spots on inside his chest or in his lungs that they don't know what it is. So they are doing the biopsy to find out what it is.

If they discover it's cancer or something they can remove, they will be staffed to remove it and he will be in the hospital for awhile.

I worry since his lungs are in very bad shape that he might contact pneumonia which would be very bad for him. This is all so hard for him too because at 82, last month he thought he was fine, except a little dizzy when he stood up. Then to go into the ER for that and be admitted and hospitalized for over a week with all kinds of tubes in you and medications and then being sent home with 8 medications and an oxygen system and breathing treatments etc. is quite scarey!!! His life as it was will probably never be again. He wasn't taking any prescribed medications before this and the doctors say that he is in excellent shape except for his bad lungs.

This place of employment is still open..sad, I wonder how many people that have worked in places like this, have problems with their bodies because no one knew that the chemicals they were dealing with was poisonous to them.

So if you belong to a Church group, or prayer group or just pray period, please remember my father this Sunday or when you pray. I appreciate it.

On another note, have you seen my newest designs on Etsy? If not here's a look at some of my newest offerings

These are great for hanging on your Easter/Spring trees or as package tie ons for a gift. They are really popular sellers. Another great addition is this adorable rabbit

Isn't she adorable? Told you she was. You can reach them by clicking HERE

Then I have several Valentine ladies on ebay which go off tomorrow. There are two heart shaped head one and a great primitive angel cherub angel too. Here's a sampling:

To reach my Ebay items click HERE

All are at starting bids which are a great deal for these designs. Be sure to check them out while there's still time.

I'm working on lots of new Spring designs. If there's something you'd like to see me design, just let me know and we'll see what I can do.

Today my daughter and I were in Michael's looking for some feathers for the new earrings and hair clips she's going to make for Etsy, anyways, there was a Somerset Life magazine there and I was browsing to see if there was anything I liked in it. Lo and behold on page 11 is a photo of my frog and dolls!! Do you know how that makes you feel?? Words can't describe when you aren't aware that you are published. Reason why I didn't know was because Jenny Doh and a photographer from the magazine attended the last Glitterfest show that I sold at in October in Santa Ana, California. I acknowledged them and never thought anything of it. Well in this issue they did a cool article on Glitterfest and featured my frog and dolls as part of the show. How cool!!!! Great photo too ladies!!! yahoo! Thanks girls!!!

This same frog will be featured in the Spring PRIMS magazine too. I am one lucky girl!!!! So today was a good day! Thanks for sharing it with me.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Items on Ebay

While browsing blogs, I read several by prior primitive doll designers, who have decided that dolls weren't selling as well as they used to, and changed their direction for their business. Most moved on to cross stitched items, needle punch and other lines.

Although I love vintage cross stitched samplers and needle punch, I couldn't see myself doing anything but this. Regardless how well my dolls are selling, and what they are selling for, I'm loyal to my doll designing. It's in my blood. How could I turn my head on them. The partial bodies in my sewing room would be pleading "Why aren't you putting me together, creating me, dressing me. Aging me?" Some say you have to go with what's selling and selling for good money. Nope not me!

Wanted to share with you some of my newest Ebay listings. I have an adorable family of old fashioned black sock dolls made like the really vintage dolls made decades ago.

Aren't they adorable? They have a very low starting bid at $24.99.

Then I also have a cute snowgal skater listed.

She's a cutie and will surely brighten up your cold, wintery days till Spring! She also has a low starting bid at $24.99.

One of my newer designs is my 9" Raggedy Ann dolls that I have listed on Etsy. Here's one that's listed

They sell for $39.99 plus shipping. There are a few left.

I also have been selling these mixed media altered art angels.

They are small at about 3" and come with hangers. People have purchased these for all sorts of things. I'll be working on more of these too.

If you would like to view my Etsy, CLICK HERE

Likewise if you'd like to view my Ebay items CLICK HERE.

It's about time for my relaxing bath so with that I'll sign off. Thanks for all the prayers and emails from all you wonderful people regarding my father. You just don't know how much it means to me!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes, it's true! Large flakes of snow are falling but not sticking, darn! I know, I know all you folks who got hammered are ready to ship me a truck load or more.

Growing up in East PA and having snow every year brings back good memories of my childhood. Course I wasn't the one who needed to clean up after it either.

How many are glad 2010 is over? I know I am. On Wednesday, December 29th, my father was admitted in the hospital. His symptoms were dizziness when rising, shortness of breath (he has had problems in the past). Like alot of men, he didn't think he needed to go and finally my stepmom convinced him it was time.

Then there was "the phone call I had been dreading". My father has a spot on his right lung in the upper part under the shoulderblade area. They claim it measures 2 1/2 cm by 1 1/4 cm big..Is that small? medium or large?

He had a team of doctors ordering tests. It's hard because apparently where he worked, he inhaled toxic chemicals that are destroying his lungs. So they can't do the normal biopsys, some sort of needle tests that help find treatment for him.

I know we all are going to die one day, and I and my father do believe in the Lord almighty and are sealed with the blood and all that, but it's still scarey. He's no spring chicken at 81 (to be 82 on 1/13/11)so I'm sure that's another mark against him. However, it really makes you stop and think how fast life passes by.

My dad has always been a joker, even now he lives up to the name that's tatooed on his arm (JOKER). He used to let us kids (6) guess the letters and #'s on a dollar bill and if we got some of them right we got the dollar. That was just one thing he did.

The one thing that stands out in my mind is him saying that when I'm 15 I'll be (blank) years younger than him. Then he proceeded to say when I'm 30, he'll only be (blank) years older than me...continuing on. He's good at math can calculating things like that.

Just like my grandmother, Mildred, used to do, he is always in a good mood and laughing all the time. Now he's very depressed and cries alot.

I would appreciate any prayers for him- Ken Rabenold; and his wife, Anne Rabenold. She is a saint. This is her third marriage that her husband has had cancer. She is a breast cancer survivor too. Keep them in prayer if you will. Prayer does change things.

I'll keep everyone up to date here on my blog. He goes for a PET scan sometime this week which will tell exactly where the cancer is, if in fact, it is cancer.

Well, the snow is starting to fall pretty heavy and sticking. Hubby said it's supposed to snow all night. Maybe I'll be able to make a snow angel after all.

Before I close I'd like to invite you to check out my newest designs on TDIPT Mercantile . There are some great designs this month. I have several Valentine's Day offerings and an adorable Laundry Maid - Wanda. Thanks for stopping by.