Monday, August 8, 2011

August in Bloom

August is in full bloom here in Southern California. Still hot days and we finally got our pool going. Our grandson is having a blast, I swear he's a water rat hehe not afraid of getting his head wet, that's for sure. He started swimming lessons today, not that he needed them but I believe it can never hurt to have too many lessons. We always make sure he wears a lifejacket when he swims..too many sorry accidents happen in pools.

I'm glad to have it for some relief of my back pain I've been having. There's nothing like cold or I should say cool water to soothe the aches. I prefer cold over heat anyday.

Wanted to do a shout out about my nephew, Kory Rabenold, who has been racing ever since he was a baby.

He's trying so hard to get picked up by NASCAR but lives in such a small town in PA (Slatington) where it's been difficult. Check out his racing page HERE . He just completed an ARCA race this past Sunday in the Poconos. He finished 15th place which is really good. We are SO proud of him. The race was televised on the Speed channel so you might still be able to see it. Way to go Kory!! Aunt Sharon's in your corner!

Moving right along, I've gotten a way-too-slow start on fall creations but hope to start offering some new ones soon.

The newest issue of Create n Decorate should be hitting the shelves soon with my newest pattern for fall in my ad, Pumpkin Pete.

He's 31 1/2" tall and full of primfall greatness! Check him out HERE .

In this tough economy, unfortunately, copycats have hit a few good designer friends of mine lately. One even went so far as to post that she can't afford the $200 that the designers dolls are going for on Ebay, that she decided to make her own and sell it on Ebay!!!!!!!!!! Talk about blatant!!! Now, does that shout of stupid or what?? I have had my copycats in my days and believe me, it's maddening! They wait and watch to see what hard work you've come up with for a design and then just simply steal and take what they want and then claim it as an original? Original what??? Copy?? Of course the copy is never near as good as the original work of the hardworking, clever, well designed, quality artist that created it! Even if they don't make the big dollars that the true original goes for, nonetheless, they are getting paid and feeding that copycat nature to just repeat it again.

To all copycats out there..there are enough patterns on the market to choose from, that allow you to make their designs, stick with those, especially when you don't know what the he.. you're doing!!!

Some people's children!

Sorry it seems the last few posts have been somewhat negative, but that's life and being a participant on the designer end of it is no fun!! Just hard work. We don't just sit around and magically the ideas come to mind!

C'mon this isn't elementary school anymore folks! Grow up!!!

Here's to some R&R..lord knows I need some.