Saturday, December 22, 2007

Five Random Facts

I was tagged by Cindy from Touch of Sunshine to list 5 random facts about myself.
So here goes:

1. I love being called "gramma, grams or grammy" from any of my 11 grandchildren;

2. I would love to live where there's four seasons;

3. Meeting new friends makes my heart sing;

4. I take 1 hour bubble baths yearround..nothing like sitting in a tub of bubbles with a good magazine. Great destressor

5. I would love to live in the mountains.

I have to tag five fellow bloggers:

Anniebeez Dolls

Christine Crocker

Turkey Ridge Primitives

Two Dancing Crows

Crabby Gabby

I've chosen some interesting fellow bloggers. Hopefully they will find time to list the facts.

Ready or Not Here it Comes

Christmas that is, and NO, I'm not ready. Am I ever? Nope. I hate crowds. Last year I did almost all my shopping online. So much better than standing in the lines or traffic. It's not too bad this year tho, as I'm mostly giving money to my grandchildren.

I've decided I might bake a few cookies. Hubby and I already got our presents to each other. That being our new 2004 Chevy Surburban. I LOVE it! It's mainly my car as he has his Cadillac. He tried to talk me into an Escalade but nope, I'm a Chevy gal.

I've made several new year's resolutions. I am really determined to get organized in several parts of my life. I've made a promise to myself to take everything out of my sewing room and clean it top to bottom and rearrange/organize everything. Can't wait to get started! My daughter is very good at organizing and making things fit, so she's helping me. Maybe I'll be able to walk in and out of my room without stumbling over something. Egads!Anyone else have a resolution or two they'd like to share? Post em. I'd love to read them. I also plan to get into some altered art and jewelry. Just love that stuff!

Wish we had some snow..anyone have any they'd like to get rid of? Blow real hard out west to Southern California..I promise to make lots of snowfolks and angels. Till later...I'll be designing

Friday, December 7, 2007

Welcome Again

I have had to start this whole blogging over because I had the wrong URL and I know alot of folks were getting the wrong address. Thanks for stopping by. I plan to add alot more in the coming days.