Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa is Coming To Town!!!

The lights are twinkling, trees with lights everywhere, christmas carols are getting sung and cookies and milk are on a plate...yep, it's almost Christmas Eve. Where the heck did the time go? Slipped right through my fingers, I know that.

It seems I never have enough time to design for Christmas. I love making Santas and all the little toys that go with the Santa. I currently have several different Santas up for sale on Humble Arts HERE and TDIPT Mercantile
HERE and Simply Primitives HERE. The three of them are pictured in this slideshow.

Check the sites for the prices. It's first come, first served and they are one of a kind only.

In some places, snow is in Southern California we haven't been so lucky. I love designing snow people. This "Ice Princess" is so much cuter than pictures capture. The perfect design to add to your winter collection.

Her selling price is $150.00 + shipping. Email me if you'd like to purchase here or go to PFATT Marketplace HERE

I also have another adorable Christmas creation for sale, "Christmas Cheer", is a stocking filled with all sorts of unique items including Annie holding a wee gingerbread man, a nutcracker, candy cane, and decorated tree, all sprinkled with glass glitter.

It's 19" tall and comes with a hanger on the back. It is $85.00 + shipping. Email me to order, again, this is a one of a kind design.

I added some new dolls on my website under the orphanage. Stop by and check them out HERE I plan to add more this weekend, so be sure to check it out.

I'm still asking for email addresses from old customers and new. I lost all of my addresses as stated below. Hope to get the message out there.

That's it from here for awhile...hope to post more soon. Stay warm.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I made an awful mistake of not backing up my email addresses; and consequently when my new (Aug 09)computer (Gateway) crashed I lost all of my mailing list addresses. So if you're one of my customers who were on my mailing list, please email me so I can add you to my new mailing list.

I had heard that Gateway were not that great brand of computer, however, after dealing with Hewlett Packard, I decided that Gateway was probably better than HP. HA!! 1 week after my purchase my new computer crashed...and now again this last week. This time it is sent away for a new hard drive. From what the geeksquad guy says..this happens all the time with computers!! Thank goodness I paid for the blacktie service, because I should expect to get my computer back in 3-4 weeks...without any data being saved because I didn't pay the extra $, money, money..didn't I pay enough already???

Onto better news...Did you hear about the giveaway we are having over at TDIPT Mercantile? Check it out HERE Lots of great items to win. I even contributed one of my primitive santie makedos. Also check out our "Fall Into Christmas" booklets filled with all sorts of recipes, tips, and several patterns including one from me of my scarecrows. It is well worth the $6.95. Would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays. All funds go to charities - Miracle Network and ASPCA for animals. So be sure to check it out.

I also have several santie makedos for sale over at Humblearts. Watch for some new holiday designs on Pfatt Marketplace on the 10th and The Primitive Gathering on the 15th.

Tomorrow's going to be a FUN day for me. My dd and I are going to a sewing, craft festival in Pomona, California. It happens 2 times a year and I missed it the last few years. We always go to some thrift shops around that area too. We recently lost our biggest thrift shop last month and are down to just a few littler ones. Bummer!

I'm having a sale off all my Fall, Halloween designs on my website....25% off..with this password "autumn".Click HEREHope to hear from you,till later, keep safe.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

News from Southern California

This past week it snowed at home (Pennsylvania). Meanwhile, here in Southern California it's up in the 80's. We had one cold day last week and I knew it was too good to be true that we were into fall. Sure wish I lived back east still, but those days are gone. Why is it that when we have something we take it for granted? Like for instance, back east when I was growing up we had parades for everything and every occasion. The fire stations were always throwing some sort of parties or celebrations. There were carnivals and fairs all during summer and alot of them cost very little or were free to get into. Ahhh those were the days. I'm sure it's alot different (free entrance), but I bet there's still carnivals and parades like there used to be.

You don't hear of many parades here..well except for the big Rose Bowl parade every year..that's about it. Everyone is in a hurry, going someplace and if there is an event or carnival, you'd be lucky to be able to pay the entrance fee.
Guess that just goes along with living in a state where Hollywood is.

I got a big surprise yesterday from my son. We have an addition to our family of dogs. My brand new 3 month old granddoggy, Precious. A wee little chihuahua. Here we are

and another one..I still have that granny touch
Awww isn't she too cute? I can't believe my Molly used to be that little

Don't forget to check out TDIPT Mercantile's blog HERE cuz we are having some giveaways you won't want to miss out on.

One last note is I have lots of great deals on items on Pfatt Marketplace HERE; on Simply Primitives HERE;and on The Primitive Gathering HERE.

I promise to have new items on TDIPT next month.Also I am going to list new items on my Etsy today too. I'm downsizing and getting rid of alot of cool supplies and other things. Be sure to check it out HERE

Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome Fall

I think it might really be here! Fall that is. I had to leave early this morning to have a medical procedure and it was 40 something degrees out. BRR that's cold for someone who lives in the high desert-Victorville area. Of course, as usual, it's warmed up and beautiful outside now. Thank God for the Sun :-)

I am a badddd blogger. I LOVE to read other's blogs, but when it comes to mine, I just can't seem to find time to work it. Any tips? Just pass them along cuz Lord knows I need them.

I have a brand new pattern for 2009 holiday season, however, she could be left out all year because Lord knows too that we need PEACE! She's Peace Angel~made her debut in Create and Decorate's current magazine ad. If you'd like to purchase her, just zip me an email or visit my website at She is $12.ppd. I accept Paypal, checks or money orders. Isn't she gorgeous?

Check out my website for more closer photos of her and more info regarding her too.

For some new NEWS I will be offering a new pattern just designed which will be debuting in Create and Decorate magazine. Each new magazine will feature a new pattern for purchase, Stay tuned for some great designs!!

Been taking 2 computer classes online from our local community college. Was doing good till this week HA can't figure the darn form out to save my soul. I really prefer the classroom verses this. Mainly because you have no one to ask questions from. Also the computer grades one of my classes and it always happens that I put the right answer in, just not in the same words as the correct one the computer knows and I get that big old red X. I hate those!!

We have alot of new stuff going on in the coming months on TDIPT sure you check it out HEREThere will be giveaways! yayyy everyone like giveaways!!

Be sure to check out my Etsy because I will be listing some new items on there soon. Hope yall enjoy the cooler weather :-)
Cheers, Sharon

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where Did Summer Go?

Gosh, I didn't realize it's been this long since I last posted. Please forgive me! Life just had a hold on me for a few months. My husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and was getting Tomotherapy at City of Hope. Luckily, they caught it in the beginning stages and were able to treat it successfully. Matter of fact, if he hadn't been so young (57) they probably wouldn't even have treated it since it was such a slow growing cancer. LADIES!! Make sure your hubby's get their yearly prostate digital exams and if over 50, a PSA reading (bloodtest) every year. If my husband had not gotten his test on his yearly exam, he never would have known he had cancer. So make sure the men in your life are checked! Even if it's just to keep him working to support your habit! hehe j/k girls..j/k

Have you visited TDIPT Mercantile this month yet? If not, you are in for a great treat. This month us artists are having a Bippity-boppity-BOO, Happy Halloween from TDIPT to You theme this month. There are loads of goodies that all of us 1st of the monthers have for sale. Be sure to check out mine HERE. I have three great designs to choose from for our Halloween theme at great low prices! My favorite is "Albert Minds the Farm". What's your favorite? Also, DID YOU KNOW that I have a layaway plan? All I ask for is 1/2 up front, and the rest in 30 days. Don't worry, I'll be entertaining your dolly till you can officially adopt it and I treat all my babys well ;-). Just email me and we'll talk! I know it's hard on everyone right now, including me, and I really would like to offer you an opportunity to support your dolly addicting habit!! Hey, I know how it is! hehe Remember to check out my Etsy and my website for designs for sale by clicking on the link on my blog in the left side of the screen.

For all you pattern addicts, I will be offering some great new Fall and Christmas patterns on my website. I will also be featuring a pattern in Country Sampler's Holiday issue and becoming a contributing artist in Create and Decorate as well. So if you purchase any of these magazines, watch for some designs by me and zip me a note letting me know. I just like to get feedback to see whom I reach. Thanks a bunch.

Have you seen my newest interest? It's my paperclay figures (that word sounds weird but couldn't think of a better one). I have been having a blast creating these creatures off the top of my head. I'm learning as I go. There's a couple on my Etsy page and some on my website as well. Be sure to check em out and lemme know whatcha think!I'd appreciate it. It's always fun and does the brain good to creep out of you comfort zone and try something new. I have also been discovering quilting and gone back to my old sewing clothes which is fun. I have 7 granddaughters and 5 grandsons to sew for! Wow didn't realize it was that many, and I have a brand new Janome sewing machine that I am reserving just for sewing my stuff. I'm really hard on sewing machines and my work one right now is majorly dirty with coffee and paint all over it. I'm a slob when I work, I admit it!Speaking of sewing, I'm taking today off to work on some ME projects!

How many were able to attend the Long Beach Quilt Show? I shopped till I dropped! OMG..I found the most wonderful shoes. They should have had their booth at the beginning of the show, instead of at the end! The Walk The Walk shoes are wonderful!!! I purchased the Thong Sandals in brown.

Ouu heavenly! They are really great for folks that have back problems, arthritis, diabetics and on and on. They DO WORK!! Now, foks these are pricey, but Soooo well worth it.

In addition, I supported my fabricholic addiction as well but I was pleasantly controlled because I forgot my Debit card in the car in my purse (took a fanny pack to the show). For some odd reason (Ok Lord, I get it!) I didn't even take all the cash I had out of my wallet (just carried my checkbook) and a wee bit of cash. Now, tell me someone wasn't trying to tell me something??!! But I did manage to get some great patterns.Check out this great pattern by Reet's Rags To Stitches

One the Road Again-Part 1" is a great big ole travel bag. However, I'm going to use it as a tote bag. I tried to purchase the same fabric as the one in the picture which is called "Arcadia", however, I couldn't find all the exact colors. I did order some other bird fabric that will work wonderfully. I'll post pictures when it's finished. Hopefully the fabric will come in the mail today.

My sewing machine is calling my name..Till later..keep crafting!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

Well summer is almost in full swing. Not too much longer here in Southern California deserts.

Have you all remembered to check out the 1st of the month selling sites? I have several great NEW designs available on TDIPT Mercantile,HERE where we are having a "Made in America" challenge. Lots of great items there for sale.

Then on Humble Arts HERE there are a bunch more NEW designs with our Wing Ding Chicken Fling. You MUST get involved in finding the feathers and posting on blogs to win the giveaways!! Don't miss out.

Then on Simply Primitives HERE you will find more NEW designs from me. Here's a slideshow of my designs offered on all pf the sites.

So if there's anything you'd like to purchase, just jump on over to one of the sites and give me a holler.

Last weekend we went over to Arizona to see the inside of our house that we are purchasing. It is soo nice! We had to take our 3 (as of May 3rd) grandson, Jayden, with us since mom didn't have a sitter like posted the other day. Here's a cute picture of him and his cousin, Ashlyne, at IHOP. Too cute huh?

. We had his 3rd birthday party a little bit early since he will be spending the day with his daddy. It was held at one of his favorite spots~Chuck E. Cheese's with all his friends at daycare coming. It was a fun time.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, April 27, 2009


K, folks here's some pictures of the items you can win on May's HARTS Wing Ding Chicken Fling.

Rules for Humble Arts Giveaways

Happy Monday all!!

Let me clarify the rules of our giveaways so everyone knows exactly what has to be done in order to qualify to win!

FIRST AND MUST visit HARTS (HUMBLE ARTS) HERE to be eligible to win.

Here are the ways you can get entries:

First, you can get one entry in the drawing for one of these goodies by putting our fun little banner on your blog. Grab one from earlier post.

Secondly, you can get yet another entry in by promoting our Wing Ding Chicken Fling on your own blog.

Lastly, you can find a feather on each of the participating member's(THAT INCLUDES ME!) blogs - find the feather,(hint hint: Who is Lisa Bongean?)
email me with WHERE you found the feather.

On May 1, we will also have a few feathers flying around The Humble Arts. Find those and you will get YET ANOTHER entry! Wee Dawgies!


Good old fashioned fun!! So make sure you get those peepers to start searching on May 1st. Cuz before you know it it'll be over and you won't have won (NO FUN).
Here's some of our offerings for sale on May 1st edition of Humble Arts:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun and FREEBIES!!!

As some of you already know, we are celebrating "chickens" on Humble Arts (HARTS) site for the month of May. You will be in for some fun!!

Here's the rules:
Here is the first rule of the Humble Arts Wing Ding Chicken Fling giveaways.
Take either picture below and post it to your blog. Leave a comment here, letting me know that you have done so. That is one automatic name in the pot for the drawings.
I will be posting some pics of the giveaways later.CLICK HERE

NOW..I KNOW ALL OF YOU LOVE GIVEAWAYS!! So get busy and tell your friends..c'mon don't be stingy..shame on you! Believe me, I have seen some of the giveaways an they are awesome! You won't want to miss out.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Just wanted to letcha know that we gals at TDIPT Mercantile are having an Americana in May this month.

TDIPT Mercantile will be chock full of your favorite Patriotic subjects...whether it's Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty or anything in between.....we'll have Red White and Blue galore, and just in time for all of the
fun summer American Holidays!

Be sure to stop by on May 1st

Website Sale

If your a primitive doll lover, you are in for a treat!! I am having a website clearance sale. Be sure to grab your snacks to keep you while you browse.Click Here Not every item is lowered but alot are and at great sales prices. sure to check out our May edition of Humble Arts. We are having a chicken challenge. Be prepared to be blown away if you like chickens. However, if you don't, there will be plenty of other designs available for you too!

Here in Southern California it has warmed up. Nice to have our windows open and fans going. Wish it would stay like this yearround but it is better than snow.

Got the inspection and appraisal on our property in Avondale. It's supposed to close escrow on May 15th. My oldest daughter, Kim, and her family will be residing it in for about 2 years till we move over there to Arizona, or earlier depending on if dh gets a job over there.

If your a pattern person and like to make your own projects or items for sale, watch for an announcement of my release of new patterns on my website. I will have at least 3 new designs in the next month to be offered on my website. I also advertise in Create and Decorate magazine and Country Sampler. Let me know what kind of patterns you'd like to see.

Well I gotta get to the design room so that's it for today. Hope you have a sunshiny day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Good News

We received some great news today...our offer was accepted for a house in Avondale, Arizona. Here's a picture of what's in the backyard

Nice huh? We told ourselves (after having a pool at the home we currently reside in California) that we would never have a pool again, but this one was so pretty and inviting we couldn't turn it down. Plus having a pool in Arizona is certainly different from having one in the desert with all the wild winds and high temps in the daytime and low at night which never allow the water to get warm. Don't think we'll have that problem there. Plus I know our 12 grandchildren will love it. I'm just as excited about the above ground spa too. Just love those. We had one several years ago and for my fibro it'll be great.

I didn't mention in my earlier post that I was having alot of pain from the stress of everything. I was totally miserable. My holistic doctor called me in some strong painkillers which really helped. So now it's subsided.

My sister kept me abreast as to how the private viewing went and it seems everything was smooth as creamy pb. She sent me some pictures of the family and a few of my brother. He looks so peaceful and just the way I remember him. Odd but true.

So back to the home in Arizona, unless the Lord has other ideas, we will be renting out the home till we retire from California (which today isn't soon enough hehe) and head over there. Never know what the Lord has planned. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Mike (dh) was offered a job out of the blue, the way everything is falling into place. That's just the way the Lord's plans work.

On another note, if you haven't visited my website lately, take some time next week to stop by as I am updating it with more items at low prices.

CALLING ALL CHICKEN LOVERS~~us gals at Humble Arts are having a "Wing Ding Chicken Fling" challenge in May. So watch for great chicken creations and maybe even some door prizes! Don't miss out!

Also there will be a brand new selling site called "Early Work Mercantile" that I will be a part of. I know, another site! YIKES, I just couldn't resist. Be sure to watch for some great primitive designs from top artists in the primitive world.

I also will be starting a selling blog and will have some giveaways there too. AND...I will be offering more patterns soon on my website. I guess I have my work cut out for me. Be sure to stop by Pfatt Marketplace ..the April issue came yesterday. Remember also to check out The Primitive Gathering for April on the 15th. Some great designs will be up for purchase there too.

K, that's it for today. Hope everyone has a good Easter tomorrow. Gotta go color eggs with my grandson. Later

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Sad Sunday in April

Just walked in the door on Sunday evening after a 6 hour drive from Arizona to the phone ringing off the hook. Come to find out I had 10 messages, most from my sister that one of my younger brothers, Kerry, had passed away.

It really wasn't much of a shock to me, even at his young age of 52. Reason being is that he was ill for the past 10 years..or probably longer and wasn't aware. He had developed Scilosis which is Silica Sand poisoning. The company he had worked for, was unaware that the sand was lethal and used it regularly in the line of work my brother performed. There were actually 4 individuals that did this same job. 3 of them already died, and my brother was the last of the 4, and he knew this. Wow..what a fate to hear.

He had one daughter, Nicole, 23 years old and 2 grandchildren. He resided in WV but was originally from PA. He was a twin to my brother, Kevin, who is taking if very hard as they were best friends through life.

Now on another note..I come from one of the most dysfunctional families around. My parents divorced after I left home, but before that, there was discord in our family constantly. My mother did not accept losing my father, so she turned to the bottle. This was over 33years ago. She is now 78. To be honest, I am surprise she has lasted this long. She also smokes like 2-3 packs a day and has ever since I can remember.

So as you can imagine, I am glad I don't live near her in WV. Unfortunately my brother, Kerry, was paying the rent on the home that they lived in (my brother and mother). So now my mother has nowhere to live.

Kerry recieved a settlement from the union for getting the poisoning. You'd think he would have put away money to take care of his funeral now this expense falls on people who have no money.

There were 6 kids in my family, me being the oldest, four brothers, and then my sister. I left PA (home) in 1972, when my first husband entered the Air Force, so I have been away for a long time, except little visits every so many years. The last time I saw my brother was in 1991 when I returned home for a class reunion.

Tomorrow all my immediate family from PA will be having a private viewing of my brother in WV and then he will be cremated and spread over his favorite fishing hole. He loved to fish, every weekend he was fishing and camping until he couldn't do it anymore due to the illness.

My thoughts are with everyone there. Plane tickets were so high and with times the way they are I just didn't have flying $$ so when they have the memorial service later in PA, I will be skyping it. This is the next best thing. Plus I won't have to deal with all the dysfunction over the "body" as is going on. So and so wanting this, and so and so wanting something else. PLEASE~If you do anything, get a trust so that folks won't be fighting over you or your belongings! How childish! But typical for my family. If there are any children of alcoholics or family of alcoholics you can relate, I'm sure.

Please call your family today and tell them you love them..Kerry knew I loved him and I knew he loved me ...and the Lord. So it is well with my soul....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Making Progress

Just thought that I'd post about how our home search is going here in Arizona. OMG there are so many homes to choose so sad..this means others have had to lose their homes which is sooo sad.
On another note, it is unbelieveable how some folks live! Gosh, some of the homes with carpet looks like if a pop was dropped they just let it soak in with no evidence there was any attempt to wipe it up!! And the walls...OMG alot of the walls are's hard to believe people lived in these homes in the filth.
Among the 12 homes we viewed today there were only 2 that we somewhat liked. Some of the floor plans make you scratch your head and think...what was the builder thinking? hehe probably evidence that the builder WAS NOT a woman hehe
I'm sure we'll find one, if not this trip then perhaps another one. We do really love it over here, and it's so nice to be near a military installation once again.
Now we have to really think about when we might want to wait out the 2 years (hubby will be 60 then) or just retire from California, and then move over here and get a job nearby. Either way, he will never totally retire anyways.
That's where we are now.
I can't believe how much better the food is at the restaurants here as well! It actually tastes like real food, not plastic with generous portions too! So if you're thinking of moving to California, my suggestion would be FORGET it!! Too liberal and expensive. Oh and don't even try to do anything to harm those tiny little smelt fish or you could be behind bars! Till later...our search continues tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April's Fool

Where is the year going? My goodness it was just January, it seems. I have been wanting to write some but have been so darn busy lately, but then again, busy is a good thing.

Can't believe it's almost Easter, and some days Spring is around, others, it still feels like winter, even here in Southern California. I love the warm days, especially if there's no wind. Here in the desert there's lots of wind.

Hubby and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon to drive over to Arizona in search of a home to purchase for our retirement. We are looking to settle in Avondale, Arizona, which is on the outskirts of Phoenix, and near Luke AFB. We are retired Air Force and want to live near a base to be able to use the commissary frequently. They've closed all the bases around us here in Southern California, so this will be a treat.

We have a very aggressive realtor and have a loan company set up to help us expedite it quickly. I'm sure we'll find something we like. Matter of fact, our agent has been sending us houses via www to view that we might be interested in. There are some great buys out there. Now's the time to purchase.

We can't move to Arizona fast enough! We (California) just got our sales tax increased 1% to help cover the budget. We are also looking at paying double DMV registrations as well on our vehicles. Supposedly, this is all temporary...yeah right...another country heard from.

With the first of the month upon us, don't forget to check out The Humble Arts . This month we were challenged to participate in a Storybook Character Theme. I created "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Pinocchio". I am soo proud of my Pinocchio! He is so vintage looking! Be sure to take time to browse that site for some great eye candy.

Also TDIPT Mercantile has 3 new bunnies I designed with my signature petal bonnets four your purchase and Simply Primitives is also home to several more of my Spring designs in addition to my newest "Wee Bunnies" collection..they are only a wee 13" tall. Still lots of great items for purchase.

Well that's about it for tonight. I'll post when I get back on Monday from Arizona. Wish us luck.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Offerings

Happy March 1st

Can you believe it's already March? Time is flying by! Happy St. Patrick's Day~a wee bit early.

It's also that time again for new issues of several online websites chuck full of great new Spring designs for your purchase consideration.

However, this month is a very special month for us TDIPT designers...the Mercantile is officially 2 years old!! We are so excited about this and are having a big ole birthday bash on TDIPT Mercantile this month that you won't want to miss!! Among the fun, we are having all kinds of prize giveaways. Not just your ordinary stuff you can find or purchase anywhere, but folks, this is quality, top notch, from the heart ..ART! and it's FREE. Be sure to check it out HERE

Be sure to check out all the newest March designs offered by the first of the monthers on TDIPT Merc. as well. This month I am offering 3 great Spring Rabbits! I just love designing these and boy, oh boy, do they steal your heart! Be sure to stop by my personal selling page of TDIPT HERE . Be sure to refresh your page if you are not viewing the current issue.

Then moving right along, I have 3 more great new designs on Humble Arts HERE . If you've seen my newest "mini rabbettes"..well these are "hares" and "more hares". Wee little rabbits (5-7" tall) at very affordable prices. It's first come, first served folks so hurry and go look. Also another adorable rabbit named "Flopsy" is in need of adoption. Have fun sure to peek at all the other great designs by the other artists as well.

and then lastly, as far as offerings this Simply Primitives. There's more rabbits hiding out there..I swear these rabbits are multiplying faster than I can keep track of! hehe Oh yeah and you've got to see my sooo ecentric Patrick..a unique shamrock doll just too cool HERE Again, be sure to check out all the first of the month offerings there as well. Us starving artists appreciate it!hehe might sound funny, but true for some.

Phew, that was a onto some other news. Gosh it's been so long since I blogged this might be a long post.

I have alot of new happenings going on for Mustard Seed Originals. Watch for a new selling blog!'s coming this month. There will be auctions; items for sale (early bird gets the worm kind) which are all one of a kind only; and GIVEAWAYS too!! Too much fun! Stay tuned for more.

Also if you haven't joined Facebook, Linked In or Ryze, you need to! It's a must for all business owners. Besides, they're fun too! I've also got something else up my sleeve, but have to research more on it. A tutorial site for primitive designs..whatcha think? I might not be able to teach many of you great primitive designers but there are some folks that I think would love it! A group limited of course that would be walked through a process...sorta like taking a class at your favorite quilt shop or what have you. Too much more fun huh? Lemme hear from you about what you'd like to see in a class, ie..needlepunch, rug hooking, dolly designing...

Please remember that I DO accept Layaway on my designs. Email me if you are interested. I know how tough it is for everyone in this current economy so please don't be shy. Everyone needs a "pick me up" and I'm glad to help out.

Have a great March 1st

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's in a Day's been awhile again. Darn, maybe someday I will get on a good roll and post more regularly. I promise, I'll try ;-)
I've had some setbacks tho that I think justify my time being away. First of all I have been having alot of back problems, once again. Just had my right side of my buttock area nerve endings killed to help with the pain. OMG did that hurt!! Worse pain yet! I thought that treatment would never end, and I have a high pain tolerance. And worse yet, I have to go back on Monday and get the left side done. And can you believe after all this pain...they will grow back in appx 3mths to 1 year! Those nasty nerves! Just rip em out hehe Oh well, everyone has their cross to bear and I suppose this one is mine.
Meanwhile my pain management doctor contacted my insurance to see what the coverage would be for me to get a neurostimulator transplanted in my back for the pain. Know the actor Jerry Lewis who does the Muscular Dystrophy fundraisers? Well he has one and has done very well. Before that he was on steroids probably prednisone and got really heavy etc. After having the neurostimulator implanted, he is doin really well and has his life back and has lost alot of weight. insurance said I have to be seen by a surgeon to rule out more surgery!! No way is anyone operating on me ever again..this is why I have this problem to begin with!!! NOPE! Never again.
Then we were hit with some bittersweet news. My husband has prostate cancer. They say it's the best cancer to have?. Supposedly it's the easier cancer to treat. I know this sounds selfish but I really don't feel very lucky at this point. He still has cancer. We are checking our options and looks like he's going to have surgery at the City of Hope in Los Angeles with the robotic surgery thingy they have called Da Vinci. It's pretty cool. and he should only have to be in the hospital overnight. That's wonderful. The other good thing is dh didn't know he had anything and wouldn't have known if he hadn't had a PSA. He is really good about getting yearly exams too. Make sure you have your husband get his digital rectal exams girls!! You won't be sorry..also PSAs on time!!! You never know if he could have cancer.
My husbands is slowgrowing, yet needs to be treated immediately. Right now his CAT and bone scan are all clear. Thank God!!
Well I'll try to be more upbeat on my next post.
Be sure to check out all the website updates on the 1st of the month. I have new designs for Valentine's Day, more icey folks and Easter on those you won't wanna miss!!