Monday, December 27, 2010

Heading to a New Year

As this year comes to an end, it's time for me to sit down and map out the direction I want my business to take. I also take this time to access my advertising funds.

My business has several exciting things happening in 2011. Looking forward to a new year.

I'd like to try my designing in other forms of art. Quilting is one and painting is another. We'll see. What does the new year offer you? Of all things, health is my wish for all.

Not quite sure how our country or world is going to go. I'm hoping the economy makes somewhat of a comeback. California will be one of the last to recover, if we ever do. I'm sure our taxes will go up.

One decision I made midmonth December, was to start selling on Ebay again. One reason is I want to find some new customers, fresh faces. Also that will keep me designing on a full time basis too. Let's hope it's successful.

I love selling on Etsy too but it's not an auction type site. I think there's alot of people that like the idea of bidding. I recall as a young child my parents going to auctions and coming home with big boxes of stuff. I guess you can bid on a box. Us kids loved it because we'd find ice skates and all sorts of toys inside. And with there being 6 kids in our family, we didn't get much toys except on Christmas.

On another note, the east coast is getting all kinds of snow!! I miss the big snowstorms we had living in PA. Lucky them!!

Us Californians got a huge rainstorm that lasted for days, which is unheard of out here. There was flooding everywhere!! Crazy cuz the city is not equipped with the proper drainage and, of course, we don't have the $$ to fix it. We are one broke state for sure!!

Whatcha got planned for New Year's Eve? We will probably stay home--as a matter of fact, I might even be asleep when the ball falls, after I make all my New Year's resolutions, of course. But that's okay..we (dh and I) love our simple life. There will be all kinds of intoxicated folks driving for sure. I hope if you're driving be very careful.

Well I have a few patterns that I'm going to design. Keep an eye out on my blog for their new release soon. Take Care

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want to win a Snowman?

Vicki from Homespunhugs and Calico Kisses is having a Giveaway! I hope I win but I'll share the offer with you all. Head on over HERE and leave a comment on her blog. Buuut I have to say that I hope I win!! hehe

Have you checked out my ebay page lately? If not I have alot of great designs listed at low bids! Check it out HERE

Also I listed more items on my Etsy HERE

Gotta run chickadees! Talk some more tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

18 days & Counting!

Holy Cow!! It's coming faster than I thought!! Just think, pretty soon it'll all be overwith and business or shopping will be back to normal. I can't wait!

It seems like it wasn't that long ago that me and my brother, Buz, were sitting by my bedroom window with our pillows propped up, insisting on staying awake till we see Santa go flying across the sky and delivering presents. Of course, to our dismay, it took longer than we could possibly stay awake and we never did see him. I'm sure there's lots of disappointed kids that never get to see Santa coming down the chimney...but then they forget all about it when they see all those presents Santa left them.

I came from a family of 6 kids and my dad as a carsalesman and didn't make alot of money. But every year we thought we were the luckiest kids alive! Wonder how our parents did it??

I used to envy my friends because they used to get wrapped gifts. Santa never wrapped ours and I wondered why. I always thought I was missing something. Until I grew up and realized just how expensive it would have been to purchase gift wrap too. Of course, I'd rather have them spend the $$ on gifts. Anyhow, since our gifts were never wrapped, they were never under the tree till Christmas morning. When all 5 of us went down the stairs OMG it looked like a toy store, with race car sets (4 of em) set up, a dolly in a highchair or stroller, several bikes, scooters, skates, sleds and lots of other stuff.

I was the only girl at that time (oldest) my sister didn't come along till I was 12, so I always knew anything girlie was mine!! That was a Christmas to behold!!That was just one Christmas I'm sharing with you.

Well before I close, let me tell you about a special character I just listed on ebay. He's one of my all time favorite characters of The Christmas Carol..Ebenezer Scrooge! Even if I must say, I have outdid myself with his design! Check him out and tell me whatcha's a preview

I'm in love!!! You can see all of him by checking out his listing HERE

I've started him at the lowest bid possible as I have alot of hours invested in designing him. While you're looking, check out my other Ebay listings with low bids that would make great holiday gifts. I'm also listing new items on Etsy daily as well. To view them HERE

Let me know what you think about my newest listings! Can't wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December

Are you like me, never enough time in a day, week, year?

I wanted to make some special gifts for my kids and kept procrastinating and now I will be madly shopping with all the others to find the right gift.

Our minivakay was wonderful!!!We all need those in our lives. We have a timeshare in Vegas and it's a great sneakaway for us. Had a blast there..even did some Christmas shopping for myself and hubs did some for him and I visited my favorite quilt shop, The Christmas Goose, HERE that has all the up to date patterns and fabric. Sunshine, the owner, and her staff are delightful gals who are always ready to assist you.

I was so excited to find another quilt pattern from BEEINMYBONNET Lori Holt, who happens to have a blog too. There's links on her blog that will direct you to where you can purchase the patterns. Just browse around to see all the wonderful quilts she makes. I purchased a pattern "Aprons" from a quilt shop near Salt Lake City when I was at quiltfest one year. So I recognized her work instantly. Then I found her blog. OMG I was in heaven. You have to check it out!! How does she get all this work done? I mean, her house is emmaculate! And her designs are out of this world..I'm hooked!! forever I fear!! Whoaaa is me!

Last night our December issue of TDIPT Mercantile was published. Have you seen it? Lots of great designs to be had there. I planned to have something totally different than what I chose to list because I didn't get it finished in time. Plus alot of people are wanting smaller items than bigger so I thought I'd list some. Buuutttt I couldn't resist adding Cinder Mieces Claus.

He's so jovial with his bag full of cheese for all the lucky mieces. Check all of my offerings here

When you're purchasing your Christmas gifts give us artists a chance to make your season bright. There's alot of smaller gifts to be had on Etsy and lots of co-op sites. Please remember that although we enjoy our jobs, alot of us are using the proceeds to provide the needs of our families.

As much as we don't like it, we are all in this "economy" together. I truly believe in "pay it forward". Please give what you can this holiday season. Remember your hairstylist, who's appointments have ceased; mailperson who picks up your packages even tho you forgot to schedule a pickup; trashman who kindly brings your trash out when you forget (we have the best trashman ever!!) the newspaper carrier who braves the cold of night to deliver; the waitress who brings your food, don't forget to tip!! They are supporting their families as well. You will be blessed for giving, no matter the amount, every little bit helps.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I did. This was my youngest daughter's (23 yo) first year at making the meal by herself. What I mean is her and my grandson live with us and she wanted to make the meal to learn for herself. So, of course, I gladly obliged. Matter of fact, I was estatic!! For over 36 years I have prepared turkey dinners give or take a few when we went out, and I don't know about you but meals always taste better when someone else makes it so of course I was happy. My choice was to go out since hubs and I are off for a wee mini weekend getaway today.

So instead of preparing all the fixings, I was able to relax and even take an afternoon nap. The only thing she needed help with was in preparing the candied yams. I WAS IMPRESSED!!! She even had time to fix gingerbread cutouts and fancy granola baked apples to boot!! Ahhhh I so wish for a younger body...this made me feel really old as I have lost alot of my umgf, if that's a word. So I just might be handing my golden spoon to her from here out. Of course, I will help where needed or prepare some desserts.

This was also my daughter in-law's first year cooking a Thanksgiving meal for her, my son and little granddaughter. They moved to Arizona last year and she wanted it to be special, even though we have other children there where they were invited to attend their's, she wanted to have Madz (6 yo) experience the whole "girlie" thing.

My son said she even made munchies for earlier in the day, several in fact!! Wish I could have eatten with them. So I guess I can pass the golden spoon to her as well. Good job done to both daughters!!!

Can you believe the stores that are open on Thanksgiving?? Crazzzzzzee We live in a small town and don't have any Walmart Supercenters so our small store opened at 12:00am with doorbusters and my daughter had a few things that she wanted for my grandson at great deals. So daddy and her braved the crowds to get them. Hubby said it was nuts, they had a maze just to get in and weren't allowing too many at a time as it was full. Overall she was able to get what she wanted there and slept right through the 4:00 am Target trip. So sad people have to go through this to get a deal, however, I think most of the people waiting weren't seniors as we're not needing that stuff that bad to brave the least I don't. Plus I can't stand in line so I'm out there too.

Anyways, I have to close and get ready to leave, but wanted to let everyone know that I am offering a 30% discount to anything on my website over $40.00 until Sunday at 11:00 pm (PST). First come, first served. Patterns are not included in this sale and shipping will be added. Just click HERE . Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Happy first of the holiday season!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Grief, is summer over already?

I can't believe it's been that long since I blogged. Well, then again, I can. My computer crashed AGAIN. That's like 6 times at least since I purchased it last year.

Can you feel it? I sure can! The crispness of fall is in the air. I love, love, love it!! My favorite season of all. Although it makes me yearn to live back in PA where I guess I took it for granted..the four seasons, that is.

Here in Southern California, there's really only 2 seasons..winter and summer. Well we do have a brief month of spring and fall it seems.

November is going to be a GREAT month for our TDIPT Mercantile followers!!! We are having an open house with loads of giveaways. The theme for this month is "Colonial Christmas". Each artist in our group will be offering at least one item in this theme. Since there are so many different kinds of art available, it will be interesting what everyone comes up with. I, myself, have some great designs to list. Be sure to join in the fun after Trick or Treat.

Be sure to sign up to win a drawing!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mid Summer News

Howdy out in blogland. Are you hot enough yet? We certainly are in the high desert of Southern California. I haven't had a break on using our air for almost a week!! Hate to get that bill. YIKES

Have you seen the newest designs up for sale at TDIPT Mercantile? If not, you are really missing the boat. There are some great designs to be had. Wish I was wealthy then I could buy whatever I wanted. But then again, money isn't everything right?

This month on TDIPT I am offering "Judy's Stocking" which is 25" long and chock full of great old thymed toys including a wee little nutcracker that I had a hard time parting with. And he's an unusual color of pink. Oh well, can't keep em all.
I also had an "Old Thymed Santa" which has already sold, sorry. Take a look at them HERE

On PFATT Marketplace this month I am offering 2 of my original designs that were featured in "Create and Decorate" magazine. Look below

Click HERE to read all about them.

Take a browse through my ETSY page for new designs as well as listing new designs on Ebay, but with a reserve. Nowadays you have to have a reserve to protect your time and skills.

Today I feel like cooking and baking which is a bad thing with this hot weather. Darn it. But it is a good thing too because I haven't felt this good for years! and I mean years! All you followers of my blog have been with me on my journey with PAIN that bad word!!! But with my new spinal cord stimulator I am a new person!! I have so much more energy like it's given me years back on my life! When I was in alot of pain and I'd see women about my age shopping or just doing things they love or even reading blogs of where ladies did this and that, I soooo envied them as I was good for nothing after 2:00 pm everyday and don't even ask me what's for dinner or I'm liable to chew your head off. I wanted to just crawl into bed because I was totally exhausted. Now at 2:00 pm I am still roaring and come time to make dinner, I enjoy creating different meals we haven't had for a long time. It's sad how much energy pain absorbs.

Even my fibromyalgia is getting better. I truly believe that the pain everyday caused so much stress in my life that that's why I was having back to back flareups. Heck, I had a flareup yesterday and the only thing I can contribute it to is having a STUPID nightmare that really stressed me out. Can't remember much of it but some people were after my family and I was yelling to close the curtains so they couldn't see us ..stupid, stupid, stupid...but I'm sure that's what did it.

Saw my Guardian Angel Pain Managment Doctor Joe Park last week and I can't get any deep tissue massage for a LLLOOONNGG time. He's afraid that the wires would break and I need to allow time for scar tissue to develop and protect them. As many of you know, I love my weekly massages so he did say I can get it on my head, feet and shoulders so I'll have to live with that for now.

On a last note for today, Please remember to support artists of hand made designs. Everyone is having a hard time right now and alot of people who were laid off or lost their jobs are now trying to feed their families via this route. You will be blessed for it.

Oh and also I have to share that my oldest granddaughter (15) went on her first date to the movies with my daughter, her mom, driving them there and back. She (Myrissa) was so excited that her date paid for her movie! What is this world coming too? Ladies, we are ruining all the "courting" standards by being independent! I mean I believe that a woman should be able to stand on her own financially and otherwise but whatever happened to "Courting?" Let me know...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mustardseed's Back on Ebay!

I don't know how many of you know that I used to sell on Ebay in the early 2000's up till a few years ago when it started going south.

Us girls at TDIPT Mercantile HERE decided to do a "Best of Show" group launch and I decided, what the heck, I'd give it a try. So I created "Sam Celebrating the 4th of July". I didn't realize how I had forgotten how to list. My goodness, it took me a few hours just to get it listed. What's even worse, is that the templates I had purchased back then don't work because the folks that made them were hosting them and no longer doing that. UGGHH So I have to go revamp them all. Meanwhile I purchased a template from Deb at Deb's Lost Treasures Here and she was nice enough to get it to me ASAP. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for some graphics or templates. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!

If you'd like to follow him, he has 2 days till he goes off, CLICK HERE

He had a reserve, which has been met and the bidders have been very gracious in their bidding.I just might have to list some more items.

On another note, check out my friend Jane's ebay listing "Nothing Plain by Jane"HERE Awesome listing huh?

It's summer and that means it's time to gear up for the fall season designs. My all time favorite things to create besides Americana.

I've also been working on catching up with my orders. That always feels good to have them completed. Watch for new listings and happenings at Mustard Seed Originals soon. Be sure to sign up to be notified when I have new designs by clicking HERE and I'll get you added. Meanwhile take a browse around my website HERE

Have fun in the sun!
Blessings to you

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting Old, a New Do and Dogs & Cats, Oh My!!!

Dontcha just hate getting old? Think back to your teen days. We couldn't wait till we were officially a 'teen' at 13, wonder why that was? It didn't really allow us to do anything great that we couldn't do before. Then we couldn't wait till we were 16 to drive a car. Then we wished more of our life away to get to 18-WOW-18, the magical number of freedom. Or was it? My kids couldn't wait to be 18 but actually the only thing it entitled them to was voting which I'm sad to say they rarely do, and able to sign a real contract, which they will regret in a few years. Gee you can even get married without your parents' signature too! Whoopee!

Then 21 was the our freedom to drink, but also to be charged with a crime as an adult.

My girls thought that something had to happen like fireworks going off and they are FREE. HA, boy were they wrong! It seems once you pass 18 it's all downhill after that, right? The years seem to fly by after that and then all of a sudden you wake up and realize you're 57, 3 short years from the big 6-0. OMG it seems so old just saying those numbers. I don't really feel that old, well my soul doesn't but my body might disagree.

Now, getting to my point...I had lasix surgery in 2003 and that was wonderful I could actually see in the distance without contacts or glasses. Now, that was FREEDOMMMM baby! Before I had the surgery my up close vision was great. But immediately after I had the Lasix, I couldn't even thread a needle without readers. Speed up to 2010 and I can't even see my typing on the computer screen.So that told me something really bad was wrong.

So to the eye doc I go and find out just how bad my vision is. Farsighted in both eyes with astigmatism and near sighted as well! A double whammy!!! Boy did that hit me like a ton of bricks! But in some respects it doesn't surprise me.

My next appt. will be to get a hearing test. It seems that fibromylagia recks havoc on the eyes and the ears. I wondered what was going on when I was typing and then had double vision..I just attributed it to a side effect of Lyrica. Cuz when I start to have a flareup I get all dizzy, and really have a hard time hearing. It seems to get better after it's over. But I notice I am asking what was said alot lately. That's just another sign of getting old. Is there a way to avoid that? If anyone knows of a way, please let me know. I'll clue you in when I get my hearing checked and if I need a hearing aid.

So I proceeded to pick me out a fancy pair of frames at a hefty price tag as well and getting bifocals without the line. So it's back to glasses again. They've been haunting me ever since the 9th grade. I've finally surrendered. Glasses won.

On another note, I don't consider myself picky, unless you are my hairstylist. It's an art to be able to cut hair, agree? With that in mind and after years of seeking someone who has the true talent of haircutting, instead of putting their hairstyle on you or giving you the most popular style out there. After all, the cost these days is hefty so I expect a decent do. Well today was the day. I hardly ever take time to fancy myself up, but today was an exception. A brand new shop open less than a year moved in my neighborhood and I decided I was going to see if they take walk ins and chat with the stylists for awhile.

Knowing what I want and not taking any photos of movie stars, I told them what I wanted on the top, sides, bottom, sideburns and even how I want it cut. All the young stylists joined in the mission to find just my style in their books. So we disected the bangs from one and the sides from another etc.

The more knowledgeable stylist there cut my hair. OMG I got a perfect cut!! That cut I have been seeking for years right in my own backyard and for a decent price! I'm not letting her go. I'll share my style later as I don't have any photos currently.

So then on my agenda was to take my sweet Molly (6 yr old chihuahua) to the vet to catch her up on shots. This is something I share with my 4 year old grandson, Jayden. He loves to go with me and see all the animals. Molly is caught up till next year and my mind is at ease. And better yet, my husband loves my new style. Of course he always loved me in short hair. So all is well in my world. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

How's everyone been?

I've been very busy the last few months, not that I'm not always busy, but I guess you could say it's a good thing. There's lots of news regarding Mustard Seed Originals.

First off, allow me to share my newest offering in Create and Decorate magazine HERE

I love the way he turned out. If you don't have a subscription I hear the magazine won't be hitting the shelves until June 15th, but the pattern for this patriotic guy is included and so are 75 other great projects. You'll be glad you purchased it.

They also did a write up on my business on page 54 with several of my designs. Judi did a great job on it. Let me know what you think, will you? It's always nice to get feedback. I'm also selling a new pattern called "Boos Brother" for fall in my ad on page 15. It will be listed under patterns next week on my website so you can get an early start on those fall/halloween designs.

Onto another subject, is it just my imagination, but does it seem that folks aren't blogging much lately? I kind of think most people are doing the facebook thing and the blogs are on the back burner. What's your thinking on this?

TDIPT's June's issue is up for browsing. I've already sold the Parade Watchers but "Saluting the Brave"

is still available along with

"Mr.Moon N Kitty" an early halloween paperclay design, all handformed~no molds used~ design. Of course both are original and one of a kind and closeups can be seen HERE .

That's all for today, be safe and have fun whatever you do

Monday, May 24, 2010

What's Been Happenin


Alot has been happenin at Mustard Seed Originals! I attended "Glitterfest" in Santa Ana, California, this past weekend. If you live in the local area, I would HIGHLY recommend attending in the fall, October 2nd from 10:00 t0 3:00. You will be so glad you did.

This show was chock full of all sorts of artwork. No imports!! Just pure art. Wonderful jewelry, primitive dolls, crazy dolls from Christy Salacci, halloween art, felted designs by Kerry Schmidt of Papermoon Gallery HERE , and too much to mention. There were shoppers galore.

I got to meet alot of great customers new and old. I was offering a drawing for my little doll that was featured in PRIMS as a giveaway. Each $50 purchase received an entry for her. The person who won was Lonnie Jenck, from Oregon. So this little doll is being sent to her today. BTW I sold the Americana set of mother and daughter that was featured in the PRIMS magazine at Glitterfest.

Cudos to my husband, Mike, for helping me at the show.He's a great salesman and my best fan. Everyone's items were great. Don't miss it in October.

I finally got my spinal cord nerve stimulator implant about a month ago and it is working fantastically!! Now, if I could get rid of this fibromyalgia I would be brand new. Really this scs implant makes life great. I have so much energy but I have to be careful and not overdo or I will pay for it. It's hard because there's so much I want to do now and for someone who basically wasn't able to do anything, my muscles are weak and I have to go slow. But I would recommend this to anyone in pain.

On another note, I will be restocking my website with all new goodies left over from the show and more. However, me and hubs are taking a much needed vacation meeting my dad and stepmom. We haven't seen them for about 3 years. Time flys.

Okay that's it for now. I'll leave you with these photos of some of my designs at Glitterfest. Not the best photos but you can see some of my new stuff. Enjoy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

More News to Share

Hi, I hope you're having a great day, thanks for stopping by. I have more great news to share.

In addition to being published in Stampington's newest "PRIMS" magazine, this month is my debut with "Create and Decorate" magazine.

"Mary" is my little garden doll. Her pattern is included in the magazine. I will also be selling the pattern on my website for folks that would like to purchase it and don't receive the magazine.

I am so excited to be designing for C&D. They are such wonderful people!


I'll be posting again later. Till then, I'll be designing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good News for MSO

In case you haven't heard or seen, many of my dolls have been featured in the brand new magazine "Prims" by Stampington. It will only be a bi-yearly issue but perhaps if enough people participate in submitting designs, it might turn out to be a quarterly type.

Here's a few more

That was one section of my feature. Stampington also included me in a feature farther back in the issue with the following dolls

I'm sorry if you can't read the print. If you're really interested you should stop by a Borders or Barnes & Noble, Michaels or Joanns Fabrics or Hobby Lobby to take a look, or better yet, purchase the magazine. You won't be is loaded with great designs. Some by artists I never knew existed.

So is everyone ready to color eggs? We are on Pacific time zone so most of the kids back east are already doing it. How exciting! I remember when I was little we couldn't wait till they were finished boiling.

Happy Easter all you kiddies.

It's that time again folks, well I'm kinda late here. Had some appts to take care of and been super busy (that's GOOD) so I'm just getting around to sharing this info with you all, sorry. I have 3 brand new designs for sale on TDIPT Mercantile for April. In case you haven't seen, there's Pierre, a dapper
22" dapper rabbit making his last delivery for the year. Second is wee little Zoey Malone..a cute as can be Spring rabbit dressed in a butter colored paisley dress and wears a kerchief on her head with artist colored eyes; and lastly is "Sissy's Ole Bear", a 15" worn, torn, mended and patched panda bear that is guaranteed to steal your heart!

Also this month on Humble Arts I am offering two items. The first is "BEAR", an adorable 19" brown bear with white muzzle which is worn, torn and mended too and a the absolute last easter rabbit this year,"Edward Peabody" he's 20" tall and adorable.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happenins at Mustard Seed Originals

Have I got alot to tell all you bloggers! First of all Spring has sprung here in Southern California, if only for a week. It's so nice to see all the pretty flowers in the nurseries and gardens. I plan to get some of my own planted hopefully in the next week. Also going to start my little vegetable garden. Nothin like the taste of homegrown veggies. Yum

Have you heard that there's a new magazine coming out bi-yearly called "PRIMS"? It's published by Stampington and is a bit pricey at $14.99however it is almost like a book to add to your collection, instead of a magazine.

Anyway I submitted some designs for publishing and am happy to say they were accepted and are featured in a 2 page spread in the first issue! How cool is that? I haven't received my copy yet to know what the pages are but when I do, I'll certainly have them on my blog.

Also watch for the April issue of Create and Decorate as this is the first issue I am a contributing designer with "Mary's Garden". A wee little doll you will love! I'm having fun designing for this company. They are very nice people to deal with.

On another note, I have recently and continue to restock my website with Spring and Easter designs as well as others, so be sure to stop by when you can and remember I do have a layaway plan too.

Have to share a picture of my swap items I received from a TDIPT sister, Cookie from Curds n Whey. Lots of goodies here with some great chicks and a cute, cute, cute bunny too.

I've swapped with Cookie several times and each time has been a true joy. She's a great swap partner.

I'm getting ready for a giveaway so keep in touch. It'll be before the weekend is over. Till then, keep blogging!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time for some Updates

I's been a long time...what can I say? I'm guilty. BUT it's that time again for updates and with it is a special celebration at TDIPT Mercantile. We are 3 years old! Yes we are having our 3rd anniversary this month and there are loads of great giveaways so be sure to check them out.

I have been busy designing a new line of Spring things among the bunnies, chicks and more. Some of my new creations were just added to TDIPT Mercantile HERE, Humble Arts HERE (btw has a brand new look!) and Simply Primitives HERE.

I am also starting a new line of Spring figures handsculpted from the start..NO MOLDS were used!I am very happy with them. Whatcha think?

OOps sorry thier noses got cut off! I will be listing them on ETSY tomorrow sometime. I will also be designing alot of Halloween and Americana figures as well so keep an eye out for them. It's always nice to delve into something new and before we know it it will be time for spooky designs.

My son got married a few weeks ago. He is now a stepfather to little Madison. They moved to Arizona this past week for a better way of life. I can't wait till we follow them. Meanwhile, I am babysitting my grandson while my daughter is visiting New York City. Yes, NYC at this time of year verses staying in Southern California? Crazy huh? They had a bad snowstorm too. You'd never catch me back there now.

Well that's it for me tonight, I'll try and post tomorrow. Keep smiling ~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Things in a New Year

Have you made your resolutions and already broke them? For me, so far, so good. One of mine is to take time to cook. Well I should say, take time to make food and freeze it for when I'm not feeing like cooking (ALL THE TIME!!) If there was anything I could have, I would definitely hire a fulltime cook.

You see, I raised 5 children and that's alot of cooking. What is it with these kids nowadays. My two youngest would eat just about anything I prepared except a few things such as broccoli and sweet potatoes. They used to love tacos, sloppy joes, lasagna. But in their older years they snub their noses at these dishes. Of course, they'd much rather have fast food. So who wants to cook anymore? You can't compete with Del Taco or pizza!

Anyways, getting back to my resolution. I feel really bad when I haven't fixed dinner and in walks hubby very hungry..then the stress builds..not that he minds or complains, that's part of the problem..he doesn't. But I just get a really bad feeling that I'm letting him down. You see he will do anything but cook! He hates cooking. So I figured if I could take a day here and there and make some dishes that freeze well, then half the battle is won. I mean who wants to start dinner when you're in the middle of dressing a doll or putting on her face?

I'm currently working on designs for The Primitive Gathering. My new designs for PFATT Marketplace are all finished. Time to gear up for Easter and bunnies, chicks and eggs.

Btw have you seen my new designs on Simply Primitives? Well here's a look for you.You probably remember this little girl...

Isn't she adorable? She even wears a brownie beanie just like the one we wore!! Talk about memories!! Then how about this one

She's called "Catching Hearts" Ann; and lastly
She is "Be Mine". Her banner is actually removable and she can be left out all year round. All are for sale on Simply PrimitivesHERE

I will be having a new ad out in Create and Decorates Spring issue which should be hitting the shelves real soon if not already. I have a set of Presidents, George and Abe in pattern form to order. So if you see it and are interested in purchasing the pattern, just email me through my website HERE and let me know. I will post a photo here in a few days and actually have it on my website for purchase as well.

If you'd like to know when I have new designs available, be sure to sign up for my mailing list on my website too.

That's about it tonight.If you're having snow, enjoy it because there's always someone (like ME) that doesn't and would change places with you in a heartbeat!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year Passed

Wow, another year has come and gone. It's hard to believe it went that fast. Normally we don't do much for New Year's Day but today we decided to go to breakfast. The streets were empty of cars! How many people really celebrate and stay up all night and sleep late? Even the restaurant was empty. Years ago we wouldn't have thought anything of it, but not now. Is it because they were all recooperating from hangovers or is it the economy? One never knows.

I have all new designs up for sale on HUMBLE ARTS ; and TDIPT MERCANTILE and SIMPLY PRIMITIVES. I have lots of Valentine's designs to be had. Also my newest Snowpeople have debued this month as well. They are so nostalgic looking. Here's the slideshow of the what is on TDIPT


I also have some wild and crazy Valentine's cupids and cherubs for sale on Humble Arts. Here's a sample of what can be found there

Aren't these a hoot? Check them out over at Humble Arts..they are first come, first served and make great little gifties for our friends, hairdresser, teachers, nurses, swap partners, secret name it, they'll love it!

Lastly I have several different Raggedy Anns over on Simply Prims. Take some time to browse the sites and check out all the great designs everyone has created.

With the new year arriving I will be downsizing my studio and parting with lots of treasures I have been accumulating for my art. Watch for some great deals on ebay, etsy or both. That will be fun.

Well it's time I retired for the evening. Be sure to check out my website HERE for some great designs. Think Spring!!