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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting Old, a New Do and Dogs & Cats, Oh My!!!

Dontcha just hate getting old? Think back to your teen days. We couldn't wait till we were officially a 'teen' at 13, wonder why that was? It didn't really allow us to do anything great that we couldn't do before. Then we couldn't wait till we were 16 to drive a car. Then we wished more of our life away to get to 18-WOW-18, the magical number of freedom. Or was it? My kids couldn't wait to be 18 but actually the only thing it entitled them to was voting which I'm sad to say they rarely do, and able to sign a real contract, which they will regret in a few years. Gee you can even get married without your parents' signature too! Whoopee!

Then 21 was the our freedom to drink, but also to be charged with a crime as an adult.

My girls thought that something had to happen like fireworks going off and they are FREE. HA, boy were they wrong! It seems once you pass 18 it's all downhill after that, right? The years seem to fly by after that and then all of a sudden you wake up and realize you're 57, 3 short years from the big 6-0. OMG it seems so old just saying those numbers. I don't really feel that old, well my soul doesn't but my body might disagree.

Now, getting to my point...I had lasix surgery in 2003 and that was wonderful I could actually see in the distance without contacts or glasses. Now, that was FREEDOMMMM baby! Before I had the surgery my up close vision was great. But immediately after I had the Lasix, I couldn't even thread a needle without readers. Speed up to 2010 and I can't even see my typing on the computer screen.So that told me something really bad was wrong.

So to the eye doc I go and find out just how bad my vision is. Farsighted in both eyes with astigmatism and near sighted as well! A double whammy!!! Boy did that hit me like a ton of bricks! But in some respects it doesn't surprise me.

My next appt. will be to get a hearing test. It seems that fibromylagia recks havoc on the eyes and the ears. I wondered what was going on when I was typing and then had double vision..I just attributed it to a side effect of Lyrica. Cuz when I start to have a flareup I get all dizzy, and really have a hard time hearing. It seems to get better after it's over. But I notice I am asking what was said alot lately. That's just another sign of getting old. Is there a way to avoid that? If anyone knows of a way, please let me know. I'll clue you in when I get my hearing checked and if I need a hearing aid.

So I proceeded to pick me out a fancy pair of frames at a hefty price tag as well and getting bifocals without the line. So it's back to glasses again. They've been haunting me ever since the 9th grade. I've finally surrendered. Glasses won.

On another note, I don't consider myself picky, unless you are my hairstylist. It's an art to be able to cut hair, agree? With that in mind and after years of seeking someone who has the true talent of haircutting, instead of putting their hairstyle on you or giving you the most popular style out there. After all, the cost these days is hefty so I expect a decent do. Well today was the day. I hardly ever take time to fancy myself up, but today was an exception. A brand new shop open less than a year moved in my neighborhood and I decided I was going to see if they take walk ins and chat with the stylists for awhile.

Knowing what I want and not taking any photos of movie stars, I told them what I wanted on the top, sides, bottom, sideburns and even how I want it cut. All the young stylists joined in the mission to find just my style in their books. So we disected the bangs from one and the sides from another etc.

The more knowledgeable stylist there cut my hair. OMG I got a perfect cut!! That cut I have been seeking for years right in my own backyard and for a decent price! I'm not letting her go. I'll share my style later as I don't have any photos currently.

So then on my agenda was to take my sweet Molly (6 yr old chihuahua) to the vet to catch her up on shots. This is something I share with my 4 year old grandson, Jayden. He loves to go with me and see all the animals. Molly is caught up till next year and my mind is at ease. And better yet, my husband loves my new style. Of course he always loved me in short hair. So all is well in my world. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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