Sunday, July 31, 2011


Can you really believe that I am blogging 3 times in one month?? Wow, I'm doing good.

How's your summer going? Mine's been okay. A few minor setbacks but still hot and going strong.

I did go to the Long Beach Quilt Show but was somewhat disappointed in it. Not near as many vendors, no will-call available on the same floor..they had one on the 2nd floor ..but with someone who has trouble carrying big packages and trepping a story to drop them off that doesn't help me! C'mon you promoters for this show!!! Think!!!!

At Road to California shows they have boy scouts that do will call and it's available right in the front on that floor.

Worse yet, I asked security where's a water fountain..he said on the 2nd floor! Liar!!! There was one in the food court where I purchased my bottle of water to take my pills.

On another note, my daughter was along and she loved the show. So I spent most of my money on her. She needs a diversion from all the Court stuff. BTW as it was not handled last Court date our next one is in a few weeks. I'm very hopeful that this will all be rectified then and she can get on with her life.

One booth that I adored wasLazy Daisy Cottage . Dana has some awesome stuff and my dd and I adored her minki stripped quilts. Check them out...she screams of talent!!!

Another fantastic designer I found, who had the only primitive dolls that I saw is Gunny Sack Mercantile

I adore her angelic skeleton pattern and all her stuff..check out the icicles!! Adorable! I was able to purchase these 2 patterns (which I rarely purchase any patterns) and I fully intend to make at least one to sell and promote her designs. She really has a great primitive eye. So stop by her site and give a shout out to Donna Stevens (not related to me)and tell her Sharon Stevens/Mustardseed sentcha! She's a sweetheart!

Her friend has some great quilting patterns as well. I'm not sure if she has her stuff on the site but I'm sure Donna could tell you.

How many of you believe in Karma? You know>>what goes around, eventually will come around?? Well I am a firm believer in this. I've seen it happen way too many times to not believe it. Anyways I'm also a believer in giving back and helping newer, less exposed artists giving them a boost if I can through my business. Promote these new designers..don't look at it as competition..competition is good!! So with this post I am asking that you check out these sites I gave you. You never know what you'll find. last complaint of this post is regarding our famous "Martha Stewart". A well known designer posted something on Facebook about MS promoting India artists work and asking that we Americans purchase their art as they need money. Well what out American artists??? Hey I have my hand waving in the air when the question is posed who is having tough time in this economy!!! Martha Stewart> You are welcome to come to my house anytime and promote my business!! We don't need a celebrity from America, no less, going to a foreign country to sell imports!!! We have enough imports here that we are competing with!!!Give me a break!!!

I want you, Martha Stewart, to know that I personally will be BOYCOTTING any purchase of your designs, or products you endorse etc. Maybe I don't purchase enough MS stuff..but if we all do this, maybe she'll get the message. Better yet, write her! I plan to! But then like my husband says, it's all about money and who is paying her to do this. Yea..the good ole buckeroo!

Okay I'll get off my soapbox. Make sure you check out TDIPT Mercantile after 9:00 pm EST for the August issue of our site. I'm sure there will be some awesome designs for fall too!!

And I'll leave you with a page from the first issue of PRIMS magazine where they featured my dolls.

See ya later

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Right Along

July is winding down and we're heading into August. Still some hot weather to be had here in Southern California.

I was on a great roll of destashing my primitive collections on ebay and with the fees, is it really worth it? By the time I sell something for 99 cents, pay ebay, paypal and then the additional shipping that I didn't quote right..somehow I'm paying to give this stuff away. So I decided to put some items on my picturetrail with prices and a or best check em out HERE Help me get this stuff GONE! please!! I have loads more. Great deals too!!

On another note I have to share my recent experience in switching medications. I have been on a med for 8 years now, and my doctor switched me to Savella to help with my fibromyalgia. At first it was okay, I seemed a bit irritable, however, as the days went on (1 week of symptoms) I started feeling terrible..nauseous, vomiting, major head spins and excessive sweating to the point of my clothing drenching as soon as I got out of the shower.

Called my doctor and she just said to continue taking it and make sure I took it with food..HA!!!

Later that evening as I took my afternoon dose I was instantly convinced that I'm allergic to this med!!!! I stopped taking it and am having a really rough time of it. It's been about a week with the symptoms and I'm hoping it'll stop soon. I'll make sure that's one drug I won't ever take again. I'm much rather be in pain that have those effects!!! So beware if you're thinking of taking the side effects carefully! Not just the regular side effects but the severe ones! Holy Cow! The cure for the sickness is worse than the sickness itself!! Just wanted to mention that.

Even in my younger drinking days I never experienced a hangover as bad as that!! and I remember drinking, smoking and being out till the bars closed and up for work at 6:00 am with the hangover!!

So with feeling like this, doubt very much that I'll be heading to the Long Beach Quilt Show which is only 1 time a year..darn it and I missed it last year!

Well take some time to check out my destash stuff..I gotta run..slip a prayer in for me if you can so this stuff will stop and I'll be on the road to myself. Thanks much!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Has it been really 3 months since my last post? Shame on me..but I have excuses galore for the lack of time in posting. If you follow my blog you know the custody battle we are going through to allow our daughter and grandson to move to Arizona. Hopefully this is going to all be wrapped up by next week.

Did I mention we have an AWESOME attorney? Kerry Justice is her name and she is so passionate regarding her work it's amazing and refreshing to see an attorney that you actually don't mind paying! She's well worth her price and more.

As if that's not enough to keep me occupied, we took a mini vakay to San Diego Sea World. Our grandson loved it. We adults weren't that impressed by the whole thing, mainly because they changed alot of the shows. They added too much of that cirque sole lei type stuff...too many acrobats and not enough interaction with the animals. I thought they used to ride the whale, Shamu, maybe I'm mistaken, but that one handler that was killed might have influenced that.

At least the price tag wasn't so bad $61.00 is alot better than $83 for Disney!! Crazy! But at least Jayden had a great time.

Also, we were finally able to take everything out of my work room and reorganize everything!! Well actually alot of it is still in my front room, which I am going through and purging. I cannot believe everything came from my room!! Call me a hoarder, yes I admit it! Crazy! However, my loss is your gain as I am listing my destashing items on ebay at low prices! Lots of antique items too. I will be listing some everyday till I'm finished which will probably be months!! It feels so good to package them up and off they go. Check em out HERE. Like I said I will be listing everyday so bookmark to keep checking, never know what you'll see that you can't live without.

Also I'm listing some on my Etsy page too for you folks that don't like bidding HERE.

Summer is in full season here in Southern California. The electric bills are going sky high with having to use our air. Our pool needs a new motor so it's gone south but we should have that up and going in the next week or so.

Well that's about it today. I'll try and blog to let you know some of the items I am parting with. Currently, there's lots of supplies for primitive dolls, vintage cookie cutters, an old 1930's doll, a mini wood cabinet, a vintage sewing cabinet, old rolling pin, wood boxes, noses for animals, paper mache eggs, gourds, rusty bedsprings, small wood wreaths, plastic vintage doll bodies with some clothes..and more! On Etsy I have an adorable mini baby cradle for altered art or dolls; patterns never used; vintage tomato pincushions; splattered greenware bowl; very old sand pail; vintage bandaid containers; very old thread spool holder; and loads more! Be sure to check em out!! If you're looking for something, give me a holler, you never know if I might have it. Till later :-)