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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving Right Along

July is winding down and we're heading into August. Still some hot weather to be had here in Southern California.

I was on a great roll of destashing my primitive collections on ebay and with the fees, is it really worth it? By the time I sell something for 99 cents, pay ebay, paypal and then the additional shipping that I didn't quote right..somehow I'm paying to give this stuff away. So I decided to put some items on my picturetrail with prices and a or best check em out HERE Help me get this stuff GONE! please!! I have loads more. Great deals too!!

On another note I have to share my recent experience in switching medications. I have been on a med for 8 years now, and my doctor switched me to Savella to help with my fibromyalgia. At first it was okay, I seemed a bit irritable, however, as the days went on (1 week of symptoms) I started feeling terrible..nauseous, vomiting, major head spins and excessive sweating to the point of my clothing drenching as soon as I got out of the shower.

Called my doctor and she just said to continue taking it and make sure I took it with food..HA!!!

Later that evening as I took my afternoon dose I was instantly convinced that I'm allergic to this med!!!! I stopped taking it and am having a really rough time of it. It's been about a week with the symptoms and I'm hoping it'll stop soon. I'll make sure that's one drug I won't ever take again. I'm much rather be in pain that have those effects!!! So beware if you're thinking of taking the side effects carefully! Not just the regular side effects but the severe ones! Holy Cow! The cure for the sickness is worse than the sickness itself!! Just wanted to mention that.

Even in my younger drinking days I never experienced a hangover as bad as that!! and I remember drinking, smoking and being out till the bars closed and up for work at 6:00 am with the hangover!!

So with feeling like this, doubt very much that I'll be heading to the Long Beach Quilt Show which is only 1 time a year..darn it and I missed it last year!

Well take some time to check out my destash stuff..I gotta run..slip a prayer in for me if you can so this stuff will stop and I'll be on the road to myself. Thanks much!

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