Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I made an awful mistake of not backing up my email addresses; and consequently when my new (Aug 09)computer (Gateway) crashed I lost all of my mailing list addresses. So if you're one of my customers who were on my mailing list, please email me so I can add you to my new mailing list.

I had heard that Gateway were not that great brand of computer, however, after dealing with Hewlett Packard, I decided that Gateway was probably better than HP. HA!! 1 week after my purchase my new computer crashed...and now again this last week. This time it is sent away for a new hard drive. From what the geeksquad guy says..this happens all the time with computers!! Thank goodness I paid for the blacktie service, because I should expect to get my computer back in 3-4 weeks...without any data being saved because I didn't pay the extra $, money, money..didn't I pay enough already???

Onto better news...Did you hear about the giveaway we are having over at TDIPT Mercantile? Check it out HERE Lots of great items to win. I even contributed one of my primitive santie makedos. Also check out our "Fall Into Christmas" booklets filled with all sorts of recipes, tips, and several patterns including one from me of my scarecrows. It is well worth the $6.95. Would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays. All funds go to charities - Miracle Network and ASPCA for animals. So be sure to check it out.

I also have several santie makedos for sale over at Humblearts. Watch for some new holiday designs on Pfatt Marketplace on the 10th and The Primitive Gathering on the 15th.

Tomorrow's going to be a FUN day for me. My dd and I are going to a sewing, craft festival in Pomona, California. It happens 2 times a year and I missed it the last few years. We always go to some thrift shops around that area too. We recently lost our biggest thrift shop last month and are down to just a few littler ones. Bummer!

I'm having a sale off all my Fall, Halloween designs on my website....25% off..with this password "autumn".Click HEREHope to hear from you,till later, keep safe.