Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's in a Day's been awhile again. Darn, maybe someday I will get on a good roll and post more regularly. I promise, I'll try ;-)
I've had some setbacks tho that I think justify my time being away. First of all I have been having alot of back problems, once again. Just had my right side of my buttock area nerve endings killed to help with the pain. OMG did that hurt!! Worse pain yet! I thought that treatment would never end, and I have a high pain tolerance. And worse yet, I have to go back on Monday and get the left side done. And can you believe after all this pain...they will grow back in appx 3mths to 1 year! Those nasty nerves! Just rip em out hehe Oh well, everyone has their cross to bear and I suppose this one is mine.
Meanwhile my pain management doctor contacted my insurance to see what the coverage would be for me to get a neurostimulator transplanted in my back for the pain. Know the actor Jerry Lewis who does the Muscular Dystrophy fundraisers? Well he has one and has done very well. Before that he was on steroids probably prednisone and got really heavy etc. After having the neurostimulator implanted, he is doin really well and has his life back and has lost alot of weight. insurance said I have to be seen by a surgeon to rule out more surgery!! No way is anyone operating on me ever again..this is why I have this problem to begin with!!! NOPE! Never again.
Then we were hit with some bittersweet news. My husband has prostate cancer. They say it's the best cancer to have?. Supposedly it's the easier cancer to treat. I know this sounds selfish but I really don't feel very lucky at this point. He still has cancer. We are checking our options and looks like he's going to have surgery at the City of Hope in Los Angeles with the robotic surgery thingy they have called Da Vinci. It's pretty cool. and he should only have to be in the hospital overnight. That's wonderful. The other good thing is dh didn't know he had anything and wouldn't have known if he hadn't had a PSA. He is really good about getting yearly exams too. Make sure you have your husband get his digital rectal exams girls!! You won't be sorry..also PSAs on time!!! You never know if he could have cancer.
My husbands is slowgrowing, yet needs to be treated immediately. Right now his CAT and bone scan are all clear. Thank God!!
Well I'll try to be more upbeat on my next post.
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