Monday, July 12, 2010

Mid Summer News

Howdy out in blogland. Are you hot enough yet? We certainly are in the high desert of Southern California. I haven't had a break on using our air for almost a week!! Hate to get that bill. YIKES

Have you seen the newest designs up for sale at TDIPT Mercantile? If not, you are really missing the boat. There are some great designs to be had. Wish I was wealthy then I could buy whatever I wanted. But then again, money isn't everything right?

This month on TDIPT I am offering "Judy's Stocking" which is 25" long and chock full of great old thymed toys including a wee little nutcracker that I had a hard time parting with. And he's an unusual color of pink. Oh well, can't keep em all.
I also had an "Old Thymed Santa" which has already sold, sorry. Take a look at them HERE

On PFATT Marketplace this month I am offering 2 of my original designs that were featured in "Create and Decorate" magazine. Look below

Click HERE to read all about them.

Take a browse through my ETSY page for new designs as well as listing new designs on Ebay, but with a reserve. Nowadays you have to have a reserve to protect your time and skills.

Today I feel like cooking and baking which is a bad thing with this hot weather. Darn it. But it is a good thing too because I haven't felt this good for years! and I mean years! All you followers of my blog have been with me on my journey with PAIN that bad word!!! But with my new spinal cord stimulator I am a new person!! I have so much more energy like it's given me years back on my life! When I was in alot of pain and I'd see women about my age shopping or just doing things they love or even reading blogs of where ladies did this and that, I soooo envied them as I was good for nothing after 2:00 pm everyday and don't even ask me what's for dinner or I'm liable to chew your head off. I wanted to just crawl into bed because I was totally exhausted. Now at 2:00 pm I am still roaring and come time to make dinner, I enjoy creating different meals we haven't had for a long time. It's sad how much energy pain absorbs.

Even my fibromyalgia is getting better. I truly believe that the pain everyday caused so much stress in my life that that's why I was having back to back flareups. Heck, I had a flareup yesterday and the only thing I can contribute it to is having a STUPID nightmare that really stressed me out. Can't remember much of it but some people were after my family and I was yelling to close the curtains so they couldn't see us ..stupid, stupid, stupid...but I'm sure that's what did it.

Saw my Guardian Angel Pain Managment Doctor Joe Park last week and I can't get any deep tissue massage for a LLLOOONNGG time. He's afraid that the wires would break and I need to allow time for scar tissue to develop and protect them. As many of you know, I love my weekly massages so he did say I can get it on my head, feet and shoulders so I'll have to live with that for now.

On a last note for today, Please remember to support artists of hand made designs. Everyone is having a hard time right now and alot of people who were laid off or lost their jobs are now trying to feed their families via this route. You will be blessed for it.

Oh and also I have to share that my oldest granddaughter (15) went on her first date to the movies with my daughter, her mom, driving them there and back. She (Myrissa) was so excited that her date paid for her movie! What is this world coming too? Ladies, we are ruining all the "courting" standards by being independent! I mean I believe that a woman should be able to stand on her own financially and otherwise but whatever happened to "Courting?" Let me know...