Monday, December 27, 2010

Heading to a New Year

As this year comes to an end, it's time for me to sit down and map out the direction I want my business to take. I also take this time to access my advertising funds.

My business has several exciting things happening in 2011. Looking forward to a new year.

I'd like to try my designing in other forms of art. Quilting is one and painting is another. We'll see. What does the new year offer you? Of all things, health is my wish for all.

Not quite sure how our country or world is going to go. I'm hoping the economy makes somewhat of a comeback. California will be one of the last to recover, if we ever do. I'm sure our taxes will go up.

One decision I made midmonth December, was to start selling on Ebay again. One reason is I want to find some new customers, fresh faces. Also that will keep me designing on a full time basis too. Let's hope it's successful.

I love selling on Etsy too but it's not an auction type site. I think there's alot of people that like the idea of bidding. I recall as a young child my parents going to auctions and coming home with big boxes of stuff. I guess you can bid on a box. Us kids loved it because we'd find ice skates and all sorts of toys inside. And with there being 6 kids in our family, we didn't get much toys except on Christmas.

On another note, the east coast is getting all kinds of snow!! I miss the big snowstorms we had living in PA. Lucky them!!

Us Californians got a huge rainstorm that lasted for days, which is unheard of out here. There was flooding everywhere!! Crazy cuz the city is not equipped with the proper drainage and, of course, we don't have the $$ to fix it. We are one broke state for sure!!

Whatcha got planned for New Year's Eve? We will probably stay home--as a matter of fact, I might even be asleep when the ball falls, after I make all my New Year's resolutions, of course. But that's okay..we (dh and I) love our simple life. There will be all kinds of intoxicated folks driving for sure. I hope if you're driving be very careful.

Well I have a few patterns that I'm going to design. Keep an eye out on my blog for their new release soon. Take Care

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want to win a Snowman?

Vicki from Homespunhugs and Calico Kisses is having a Giveaway! I hope I win but I'll share the offer with you all. Head on over HERE and leave a comment on her blog. Buuut I have to say that I hope I win!! hehe

Have you checked out my ebay page lately? If not I have alot of great designs listed at low bids! Check it out HERE

Also I listed more items on my Etsy HERE

Gotta run chickadees! Talk some more tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

18 days & Counting!

Holy Cow!! It's coming faster than I thought!! Just think, pretty soon it'll all be overwith and business or shopping will be back to normal. I can't wait!

It seems like it wasn't that long ago that me and my brother, Buz, were sitting by my bedroom window with our pillows propped up, insisting on staying awake till we see Santa go flying across the sky and delivering presents. Of course, to our dismay, it took longer than we could possibly stay awake and we never did see him. I'm sure there's lots of disappointed kids that never get to see Santa coming down the chimney...but then they forget all about it when they see all those presents Santa left them.

I came from a family of 6 kids and my dad as a carsalesman and didn't make alot of money. But every year we thought we were the luckiest kids alive! Wonder how our parents did it??

I used to envy my friends because they used to get wrapped gifts. Santa never wrapped ours and I wondered why. I always thought I was missing something. Until I grew up and realized just how expensive it would have been to purchase gift wrap too. Of course, I'd rather have them spend the $$ on gifts. Anyhow, since our gifts were never wrapped, they were never under the tree till Christmas morning. When all 5 of us went down the stairs OMG it looked like a toy store, with race car sets (4 of em) set up, a dolly in a highchair or stroller, several bikes, scooters, skates, sleds and lots of other stuff.

I was the only girl at that time (oldest) my sister didn't come along till I was 12, so I always knew anything girlie was mine!! That was a Christmas to behold!!That was just one Christmas I'm sharing with you.

Well before I close, let me tell you about a special character I just listed on ebay. He's one of my all time favorite characters of The Christmas Carol..Ebenezer Scrooge! Even if I must say, I have outdid myself with his design! Check him out and tell me whatcha's a preview

I'm in love!!! You can see all of him by checking out his listing HERE

I've started him at the lowest bid possible as I have alot of hours invested in designing him. While you're looking, check out my other Ebay listings with low bids that would make great holiday gifts. I'm also listing new items on Etsy daily as well. To view them HERE

Let me know what you think about my newest listings! Can't wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December

Are you like me, never enough time in a day, week, year?

I wanted to make some special gifts for my kids and kept procrastinating and now I will be madly shopping with all the others to find the right gift.

Our minivakay was wonderful!!!We all need those in our lives. We have a timeshare in Vegas and it's a great sneakaway for us. Had a blast there..even did some Christmas shopping for myself and hubs did some for him and I visited my favorite quilt shop, The Christmas Goose, HERE that has all the up to date patterns and fabric. Sunshine, the owner, and her staff are delightful gals who are always ready to assist you.

I was so excited to find another quilt pattern from BEEINMYBONNET Lori Holt, who happens to have a blog too. There's links on her blog that will direct you to where you can purchase the patterns. Just browse around to see all the wonderful quilts she makes. I purchased a pattern "Aprons" from a quilt shop near Salt Lake City when I was at quiltfest one year. So I recognized her work instantly. Then I found her blog. OMG I was in heaven. You have to check it out!! How does she get all this work done? I mean, her house is emmaculate! And her designs are out of this world..I'm hooked!! forever I fear!! Whoaaa is me!

Last night our December issue of TDIPT Mercantile was published. Have you seen it? Lots of great designs to be had there. I planned to have something totally different than what I chose to list because I didn't get it finished in time. Plus alot of people are wanting smaller items than bigger so I thought I'd list some. Buuutttt I couldn't resist adding Cinder Mieces Claus.

He's so jovial with his bag full of cheese for all the lucky mieces. Check all of my offerings here

When you're purchasing your Christmas gifts give us artists a chance to make your season bright. There's alot of smaller gifts to be had on Etsy and lots of co-op sites. Please remember that although we enjoy our jobs, alot of us are using the proceeds to provide the needs of our families.

As much as we don't like it, we are all in this "economy" together. I truly believe in "pay it forward". Please give what you can this holiday season. Remember your hairstylist, who's appointments have ceased; mailperson who picks up your packages even tho you forgot to schedule a pickup; trashman who kindly brings your trash out when you forget (we have the best trashman ever!!) the newspaper carrier who braves the cold of night to deliver; the waitress who brings your food, don't forget to tip!! They are supporting their families as well. You will be blessed for giving, no matter the amount, every little bit helps.