Saturday, July 12, 2008

Update on Eric's Injury

Eric is doing much better and we want to thank everyone who prayed. We really appreciate it..PRAISE GOD!! The government flew my grandson, Bryson, and his grandparents (Eric's parents) to Washington DC last week. They stayed for one week with all expenses paid by the military/government. He was able to be released the day after they arrived and spend the week with them.

I have since found out that he will not lose his hand. Thank God..he is an electrician by trade. He will be transferred to his home unit in New York till the rest of his troop come back from Iraq and then he will be discharged. He has chosen to leave the military.

He has served 11+ years and was going to make a career out of it, but my grandson is really wanting him to stay home, so Eric has decided to do that. It will really be nice for Bry, as he hasn't seen his dad very much since he was born.

Please remember to keep praying for all the servicefolks..dependents too! I was there once and know how much I could have used prayers. The military doesn't get paid anything compared to what they should be! They do get benefits but monetary wise they are paid very little for their commitment.

If you see a military person ..thank them for there service. They deserve AT LEAST that!

Time Flys

Gosh, I can't believe it's been so long since I've written. Shame on me. I'll try to keep up better.

It's great weather here in Southern California! The monsoons coming from the east cooled us down at least 20 degrees. It's nice as long as the sun doesn't shine and bring out the humidity more. We're loving it while it's here.

I've been really busy designing to supply all the different sites I'm a part of. I've also listed some fall, Christmas, and winter items on my site, so check it out.

Time sure does get away from me. It seems winter, Christmas, and the holiday seasons were just here. It's going to be slim pickins around here at Christmas time. I'm sure it will be that way everywhere with the current ecomony etc the way it is.

Our 4th of July was nice. The fireworks here were the best I've seen yet and it was our grandson's (Jayden's) first year of really understanding and being able to comment on them. What a delight he is. Thank God for grandchildren! They keep us young.

Well I better get back to work. Wishing you ice cream with your cake!