Friday, June 29, 2012

We're officially in Arizona! In HOT Arizona..did I say HOT? lol

With the help of PODS and my loving husband we packed and patched and cleaned for 14 solid days morning till night. We are hoping to rent out our home in California soon!

I really miss my home there tho..moving from such a huge home to a little cracker jack box (1500 sf) is terrible! BUT at least we own it. Just can't quite understand what possessed us to purchase such a small home. So till my husband gets another job and we rent out our home in California, we are stuck in this thing. It's really frustrating when just a wee bit of your things fit and others are packed in loads of boxes taking up a 2 car garage! I tried to write the important contents on the outside of the box but when they're stacked on top of each other, who's to know which box the item is in.

I know the Lord must be teaching me some sort of thing but Lord I've learned!! lol We will be seeking a Church to get involved with soon. I'm sure it will get better from there.

Anyways regarding those needlepunch designs that I posted previously that are going to be patterns..well I'm still looking for them. I'm hoping I pick the right box.

Did I say that I don't handle change well? Especially in my older age. Too bad you can't just swallow a pill and know everything instantly, like where things are located within the city. I don't use GPS..don't hardly use my cell phone and don't text at all. I'm lucky I can operate a computer. That took time when I learned that too.

In this move, I had to switch internet providers and lost all my email addresses! So chances are if you signed up to receive mailings from me, you won't be receiving them. Please sign up again so I can get you added. I apologize for the inconvenience. It's a big disappointment to me too!

Thanks for listening to me complain. I promise my posts will not always be this grouchy.
Be sure to stay cool's been in the triple digits here.