Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heading Toward Spring

xsI have a good excuse for not updating my blog folks. On January 17th while visiting Arizona and preparing to return, I took my doggie out to go potty, I dropped her leash and she went running after another dog. Of course I took off running after her, in none other than my barefeet! Hubs says that was the the problem..well they just watered the grass and it was in a drainage ditch in front of my daughter's apartment and I was running on an embankment, and I fell, hearing my right leg snap and I was down. Knew I couldn't get up or walk on it.

Hubby heard me yelling thank god and came running and him and my daughter basically carried me inside. It was killing me, although it felt better if I put a little bit of weight/pressure down on it. Swelled instantly.

So our trip home was routed to the nearest Urgent Care who xrayed it and told me I broke my leg which i figured. Doc put a boot on it to get me home but I had to see an orthopedic as soon as possible because she was afraid I might have tendon damage/bone damage and need surgery. She said I broke my tibia.

Next day got into my orthopedic doctor who treats me and he says I broke my leg on both sides (inside and out) the bones that connect and hold the ankle socket in place. He said he usually does surgery on breaks like this, but I begged him and my only saving grace was that the fluid around the ankle socket and tibia was not leaking, but rather still in place. So he said that if he cast it and I promised to stay off it, he would insist on seeing me every week for 3 weeks to xray it and if it moves in the slightest bit he would have to do emergency surgery.

So I left his office in a red cast and headed to the medical store to purchase crutches. To say the least, I am a clutz and not good at crutches especially when I can't use my right leg. Matter of fact I fell trying to get inside my front door. Well that was just the start...I had another doctor's(fibro) appt about 90 miles from home a few days later and once again I fell trying to walk inside! Thank god there was an orthopedic doctor's office downstairs who let us use a wheelchair! I must have fallen 9 times in the days after breaking it and was scared to death that I had done more damage.

My fibro doctor insisted that I get a wheelchair and not use the crutches as if I keep falling I will surely need surgery. So I took his advise and had my ortho doctor order me a wheelchair. That was the best thing I could do. Although I'm much better on the little bit I use my crutches, we have used the wheelchair when going out and to the doctor.

My last of the 3 weeks was last Tuesday and everything looks fantastic and I beat surgery!!! He said I had beat the odds. Thank you Jesus!!

However, he wanted me to leave the cast on 2 more weeks at least and then I have to wear the boot for 6 weeks. Did I mention that I can't drive?? That's also the foot I use to run my sewing machine!! Good lord!!

Needless to say, I have been living on my recliner with my leg elevated since it happened. My wee little toes are all black and blue so I can imagine what my ankle/leg looks like, yikes!!!

The cast should come off next Wednesday and I can't wait. But rest assured, I won't ever chase my dog again or ever run.

What a mess. I have been trying to get some work done, needlepunch, handstitching, embroidery etc. But really wish I could work in my studio.

On another note, I am asking for prayers for my granddaughter, Brooke aka Boogie, who was admitted into the children's hospital in Mesa, AZ with breathing problems. They are treating it like asthma but she is pretty bad. Please pray for her and my dd's family.She's only 8 years old and a real pistol. My dd didn't even know she was really sick, except she was coughing and so decided to take her to the doctor and found out that her bronchial tubes are so swollen she's not getting any air in. So prayers would be appreciated. She's a little doll!Here's a photo of her.

We are heading over to Arizona again the weekend to look at prospective houses to purchase one. Our house that we currently own there is a wee bit too small for us we finally figured out, and the kitchen is way too small for me with hardly any cupboard space and no room to build a pantry or extra cabinets.

It's only 3 more months basically until we retire and move. So this leg thing is a big monkeywrench in our plans to downsize from a 2670 sft home to a roughly 1600 sft home. So I have alot to donate, giveaway and sell.

Can't wait to move and get the heck out of dodge (California). Wayyyy to pricey (taxes etc) and wayyy to liberal for our liking. Praying that hubby can get a decent job as he's not fully retiring when we get there. Please keep us in prayer for that too. I know the Lord will guide us in this step.

Meanwhile I am still listing items on Ebay that I have already made. So make sure you check em out HERE.

Also check out my Etsy page, I have a sale on a few things HERE.

The newest issue of TDIPT MERCANTILE is loaded and there's some great new designs to be had for Spring.

and I'll leave you with that. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Thanks in advance for the prayers! They are much appreciated!