Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prayer Helps

I'd like to start out thanking all you folks who have kindly been praying for my dad.

It's only been a little over a week since he had surgery, and not being used to having any medical problems is really frustrating him. He's been stubborn from what my stepmom says. And worse yet, he won't do anything but sit and think. No watching TV like he used to (TV game show addict) so I suggested reading. Something to keep his mind occupied.

My stepmom goes out for small errands and wanted someone to sit with him while she was gone..whoa did he have a fit! "I don't need anyone to babysit me!" hehe pray for my stepmom..she really is a gem!! Wish I was back there (2,000 miles+) to see him.

They did find out when they went to see the Lung doctor this week. That they removed some of his right upper lung where the spot was. I suppose it wasn't cancerous because they cancelled his appointment with the cancer doctor. Either they cut it out or he never had cancer. So far, so good. I just hope these doctors know what they're talking about, because remember, doctors PRACTICE medicine.

That brightened my day when I heard that news. So he's on the backstretch heading to the finish. He just needs to relax and take one day at a time.

Being ill like that really humbles you. I know firsthand when I had my sever back surgery. Wow..treating our bodies good is so important.

On another note, I just updated my website with some new designs for spring. Take a look.

I also added some new designs to my Etsy shop too. Check them out too.

And Pfatt
is up for February. There's lots of great designs on there too.

Here's a couple of photos of some of my designs you'll find:

I'll close with this. Spring is in the air, I can feel it.
Blessings till next time~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life Moves Ahead

Regardless if you want it too or not, life moves ahead. Somedays I wish I could rewind a few days back or even weeks. Seems like when you have your schedule all set then something happens and the next thing you know you're into the next week. Anyone else feel like that? Good, so it's not just me.

This past month has really been a challenging one for me. Not just my business, but also with my father being ill. The waiting and not knowing is the worse. We were hoping to once and for all know what we were dealing with, but again, we don't know for sure if he has cancer.
Doctors said as far as they can see he doesn't have cancer, but just damage as a result of the chemicals he worked with. BUT..there's always that but in there...we are still waiting on news of the lymph nodes. Then, hopefully, we'll find out for sure. Meanwhile my dad is resting in the hospital where he will remain until at least Thursday. Please continue to pray for him. He's a trooper, an Army veteran, a joker, a gambler, a believer and he thanks you too.

As if that wasn't enough to send me into next week, then it has to be going to Court with my youngest daughter. That's where I'll be tomorrow morning. Lord willing, my ex son-in-law will get chastized for not paying his child support and for his constant harassment of my very stress-ridled daughter. He has really taken the cake with some of his ways of harassing her. It amazes me. Please pray that the Judge will be able to see exactly what kind of man he is and not be fooled. There has to be justice for young mothers like my daughter.

And lastly my enemy,fibromyalgia, once again has sucked of my days from me. I hate fibromyalgia!!! I can't even have 2 days of delight, shopping in the sunshine with my lovely daughter; or taking a trip to the fabric store on 2 occasions and then there's a day yardsaling to have landed me a day where I'm not myself!! I refuse to give in and allow it to take my joy away. I will go out to lunch with my husband even if I am in pain. I need to quit giving into it! It will not control my life!

Thanks for all the prayers and for listening to me whining.

I wasn't able to list my TDIPT offerings on the site this month in time for upload. However, I'm still working to finish them and they will be on my website under "Spring" or the side bar HERE. They will all be rabbits in time for Spring and Easter! Please don't miss them.

I could still use your prayers for my daughter for tomorrow. Thanks so much!