Friday, March 19, 2010

Happenins at Mustard Seed Originals

Have I got alot to tell all you bloggers! First of all Spring has sprung here in Southern California, if only for a week. It's so nice to see all the pretty flowers in the nurseries and gardens. I plan to get some of my own planted hopefully in the next week. Also going to start my little vegetable garden. Nothin like the taste of homegrown veggies. Yum

Have you heard that there's a new magazine coming out bi-yearly called "PRIMS"? It's published by Stampington and is a bit pricey at $14.99however it is almost like a book to add to your collection, instead of a magazine.

Anyway I submitted some designs for publishing and am happy to say they were accepted and are featured in a 2 page spread in the first issue! How cool is that? I haven't received my copy yet to know what the pages are but when I do, I'll certainly have them on my blog.

Also watch for the April issue of Create and Decorate as this is the first issue I am a contributing designer with "Mary's Garden". A wee little doll you will love! I'm having fun designing for this company. They are very nice people to deal with.

On another note, I have recently and continue to restock my website with Spring and Easter designs as well as others, so be sure to stop by when you can and remember I do have a layaway plan too.

Have to share a picture of my swap items I received from a TDIPT sister, Cookie from Curds n Whey. Lots of goodies here with some great chicks and a cute, cute, cute bunny too.

I've swapped with Cookie several times and each time has been a true joy. She's a great swap partner.

I'm getting ready for a giveaway so keep in touch. It'll be before the weekend is over. Till then, keep blogging!