Friday, November 26, 2010


Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I did. This was my youngest daughter's (23 yo) first year at making the meal by herself. What I mean is her and my grandson live with us and she wanted to make the meal to learn for herself. So, of course, I gladly obliged. Matter of fact, I was estatic!! For over 36 years I have prepared turkey dinners give or take a few when we went out, and I don't know about you but meals always taste better when someone else makes it so of course I was happy. My choice was to go out since hubs and I are off for a wee mini weekend getaway today.

So instead of preparing all the fixings, I was able to relax and even take an afternoon nap. The only thing she needed help with was in preparing the candied yams. I WAS IMPRESSED!!! She even had time to fix gingerbread cutouts and fancy granola baked apples to boot!! Ahhhh I so wish for a younger body...this made me feel really old as I have lost alot of my umgf, if that's a word. So I just might be handing my golden spoon to her from here out. Of course, I will help where needed or prepare some desserts.

This was also my daughter in-law's first year cooking a Thanksgiving meal for her, my son and little granddaughter. They moved to Arizona last year and she wanted it to be special, even though we have other children there where they were invited to attend their's, she wanted to have Madz (6 yo) experience the whole "girlie" thing.

My son said she even made munchies for earlier in the day, several in fact!! Wish I could have eatten with them. So I guess I can pass the golden spoon to her as well. Good job done to both daughters!!!

Can you believe the stores that are open on Thanksgiving?? Crazzzzzzee We live in a small town and don't have any Walmart Supercenters so our small store opened at 12:00am with doorbusters and my daughter had a few things that she wanted for my grandson at great deals. So daddy and her braved the crowds to get them. Hubby said it was nuts, they had a maze just to get in and weren't allowing too many at a time as it was full. Overall she was able to get what she wanted there and slept right through the 4:00 am Target trip. So sad people have to go through this to get a deal, however, I think most of the people waiting weren't seniors as we're not needing that stuff that bad to brave the least I don't. Plus I can't stand in line so I'm out there too.

Anyways, I have to close and get ready to leave, but wanted to let everyone know that I am offering a 30% discount to anything on my website over $40.00 until Sunday at 11:00 pm (PST). First come, first served. Patterns are not included in this sale and shipping will be added. Just click HERE . Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Happy first of the holiday season!