Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where Did Summer Go?

Gosh, I didn't realize it's been this long since I last posted. Please forgive me! Life just had a hold on me for a few months. My husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and was getting Tomotherapy at City of Hope. Luckily, they caught it in the beginning stages and were able to treat it successfully. Matter of fact, if he hadn't been so young (57) they probably wouldn't even have treated it since it was such a slow growing cancer. LADIES!! Make sure your hubby's get their yearly prostate digital exams and if over 50, a PSA reading (bloodtest) every year. If my husband had not gotten his test on his yearly exam, he never would have known he had cancer. So make sure the men in your life are checked! Even if it's just to keep him working to support your habit! hehe j/k girls..j/k

Have you visited TDIPT Mercantile this month yet? If not, you are in for a great treat. This month us artists are having a Bippity-boppity-BOO, Happy Halloween from TDIPT to You theme this month. There are loads of goodies that all of us 1st of the monthers have for sale. Be sure to check out mine HERE. I have three great designs to choose from for our Halloween theme at great low prices! My favorite is "Albert Minds the Farm". What's your favorite? Also, DID YOU KNOW that I have a layaway plan? All I ask for is 1/2 up front, and the rest in 30 days. Don't worry, I'll be entertaining your dolly till you can officially adopt it and I treat all my babys well ;-). Just email me and we'll talk! I know it's hard on everyone right now, including me, and I really would like to offer you an opportunity to support your dolly addicting habit!! Hey, I know how it is! hehe Remember to check out my Etsy and my website for designs for sale by clicking on the link on my blog in the left side of the screen.

For all you pattern addicts, I will be offering some great new Fall and Christmas patterns on my website. I will also be featuring a pattern in Country Sampler's Holiday issue and becoming a contributing artist in Create and Decorate as well. So if you purchase any of these magazines, watch for some designs by me and zip me a note letting me know. I just like to get feedback to see whom I reach. Thanks a bunch.

Have you seen my newest interest? It's my paperclay figures (that word sounds weird but couldn't think of a better one). I have been having a blast creating these creatures off the top of my head. I'm learning as I go. There's a couple on my Etsy page and some on my website as well. Be sure to check em out and lemme know whatcha think!I'd appreciate it. It's always fun and does the brain good to creep out of you comfort zone and try something new. I have also been discovering quilting and gone back to my old sewing clothes which is fun. I have 7 granddaughters and 5 grandsons to sew for! Wow didn't realize it was that many, and I have a brand new Janome sewing machine that I am reserving just for sewing my stuff. I'm really hard on sewing machines and my work one right now is majorly dirty with coffee and paint all over it. I'm a slob when I work, I admit it!Speaking of sewing, I'm taking today off to work on some ME projects!

How many were able to attend the Long Beach Quilt Show? I shopped till I dropped! OMG..I found the most wonderful shoes. They should have had their booth at the beginning of the show, instead of at the end! The Walk The Walk shoes are wonderful!!! I purchased the Thong Sandals in brown.

Ouu heavenly! They are really great for folks that have back problems, arthritis, diabetics and on and on. They DO WORK!! Now, foks these are pricey, but Soooo well worth it.

In addition, I supported my fabricholic addiction as well but I was pleasantly controlled because I forgot my Debit card in the car in my purse (took a fanny pack to the show). For some odd reason (Ok Lord, I get it!) I didn't even take all the cash I had out of my wallet (just carried my checkbook) and a wee bit of cash. Now, tell me someone wasn't trying to tell me something??!! But I did manage to get some great patterns.Check out this great pattern by Reet's Rags To Stitches

One the Road Again-Part 1" is a great big ole travel bag. However, I'm going to use it as a tote bag. I tried to purchase the same fabric as the one in the picture which is called "Arcadia", however, I couldn't find all the exact colors. I did order some other bird fabric that will work wonderfully. I'll post pictures when it's finished. Hopefully the fabric will come in the mail today.

My sewing machine is calling my name..Till later..keep crafting!