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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Has it been really 3 months since my last post? Shame on me..but I have excuses galore for the lack of time in posting. If you follow my blog you know the custody battle we are going through to allow our daughter and grandson to move to Arizona. Hopefully this is going to all be wrapped up by next week.

Did I mention we have an AWESOME attorney? Kerry Justice is her name and she is so passionate regarding her work it's amazing and refreshing to see an attorney that you actually don't mind paying! She's well worth her price and more.

As if that's not enough to keep me occupied, we took a mini vakay to San Diego Sea World. Our grandson loved it. We adults weren't that impressed by the whole thing, mainly because they changed alot of the shows. They added too much of that cirque sole lei type stuff...too many acrobats and not enough interaction with the animals. I thought they used to ride the whale, Shamu, maybe I'm mistaken, but that one handler that was killed might have influenced that.

At least the price tag wasn't so bad $61.00 is alot better than $83 for Disney!! Crazy! But at least Jayden had a great time.

Also, we were finally able to take everything out of my work room and reorganize everything!! Well actually alot of it is still in my front room, which I am going through and purging. I cannot believe everything came from my room!! Call me a hoarder, yes I admit it! Crazy! However, my loss is your gain as I am listing my destashing items on ebay at low prices! Lots of antique items too. I will be listing some everyday till I'm finished which will probably be months!! It feels so good to package them up and off they go. Check em out HERE. Like I said I will be listing everyday so bookmark to keep checking, never know what you'll see that you can't live without.

Also I'm listing some on my Etsy page too for you folks that don't like bidding HERE.

Summer is in full season here in Southern California. The electric bills are going sky high with having to use our air. Our pool needs a new motor so it's gone south but we should have that up and going in the next week or so.

Well that's about it today. I'll try and blog to let you know some of the items I am parting with. Currently, there's lots of supplies for primitive dolls, vintage cookie cutters, an old 1930's doll, a mini wood cabinet, a vintage sewing cabinet, old rolling pin, wood boxes, noses for animals, paper mache eggs, gourds, rusty bedsprings, small wood wreaths, plastic vintage doll bodies with some clothes..and more! On Etsy I have an adorable mini baby cradle for altered art or dolls; patterns never used; vintage tomato pincushions; splattered greenware bowl; very old sand pail; vintage bandaid containers; very old thread spool holder; and loads more! Be sure to check em out!! If you're looking for something, give me a holler, you never know if I might have it. Till later :-)


deb said...

Hey girl...bout time ya blogged!!! sounds like you have been busy!!!! I remember your sewing room...there WAS a ton of stuff in thats where the genuis happens!!!!! one of these days we will have to get together!!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

If you think your electric bill is high you should pay mine. lololol It has been over 100 for days. Today 104 plus that nasty humidity! It's killing us over here.
Good luck cleaning and purging. I need to do some of that myself.