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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good News for MSO

In case you haven't heard or seen, many of my dolls have been featured in the brand new magazine "Prims" by Stampington. It will only be a bi-yearly issue but perhaps if enough people participate in submitting designs, it might turn out to be a quarterly type.

Here's a few more

That was one section of my feature. Stampington also included me in a feature farther back in the issue with the following dolls

I'm sorry if you can't read the print. If you're really interested you should stop by a Borders or Barnes & Noble, Michaels or Joanns Fabrics or Hobby Lobby to take a look, or better yet, purchase the magazine. You won't be is loaded with great designs. Some by artists I never knew existed.

So is everyone ready to color eggs? We are on Pacific time zone so most of the kids back east are already doing it. How exciting! I remember when I was little we couldn't wait till they were finished boiling.

Happy Easter all you kiddies.

It's that time again folks, well I'm kinda late here. Had some appts to take care of and been super busy (that's GOOD) so I'm just getting around to sharing this info with you all, sorry. I have 3 brand new designs for sale on TDIPT Mercantile for April. In case you haven't seen, there's Pierre, a dapper
22" dapper rabbit making his last delivery for the year. Second is wee little Zoey Malone..a cute as can be Spring rabbit dressed in a butter colored paisley dress and wears a kerchief on her head with artist colored eyes; and lastly is "Sissy's Ole Bear", a 15" worn, torn, mended and patched panda bear that is guaranteed to steal your heart!

Also this month on Humble Arts I am offering two items. The first is "BEAR", an adorable 19" brown bear with white muzzle which is worn, torn and mended too and a the absolute last easter rabbit this year,"Edward Peabody" he's 20" tall and adorable.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

These creations are delightful... I'm particular to red-heads and some of yours are soooo sweet.
Congrats on your Friends being featured in the new Prims mag a publication long overdue.


Snugglebug Blessings said...

Hey Sharon, how exciting. Your dollies are just amazing. I couldn't wait to get this copy and looked everywhere for a week. When I saw all your dollies published I was so happy for you. You do fabulous work. God bless, cathy

LizziesRaggs said...

Hi, I LOVE all your dolls! I also make dolls and have been for many many years. It is a lot of fun and when I see another doll maker I just love to see what they do. You are truly a gifted artist! Congrats on Prim magazine and create and disign. That is awesome.

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Hi Sharon!
I got my copy of Prims a few days ago and I have enjoyed looking at each creative doll over and over again. Congratulations to you! I may get brave and send them a few of my clay "dolls", what do you think? Did you send them photos first or the real thing?
Again, Congrats! Your dolls are wonderful :)
Hugs and Happiness,