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Friday, April 3, 2009

Making Progress

Just thought that I'd post about how our home search is going here in Arizona. OMG there are so many homes to choose so sad..this means others have had to lose their homes which is sooo sad.
On another note, it is unbelieveable how some folks live! Gosh, some of the homes with carpet looks like if a pop was dropped they just let it soak in with no evidence there was any attempt to wipe it up!! And the walls...OMG alot of the walls are's hard to believe people lived in these homes in the filth.
Among the 12 homes we viewed today there were only 2 that we somewhat liked. Some of the floor plans make you scratch your head and think...what was the builder thinking? hehe probably evidence that the builder WAS NOT a woman hehe
I'm sure we'll find one, if not this trip then perhaps another one. We do really love it over here, and it's so nice to be near a military installation once again.
Now we have to really think about when we might want to wait out the 2 years (hubby will be 60 then) or just retire from California, and then move over here and get a job nearby. Either way, he will never totally retire anyways.
That's where we are now.
I can't believe how much better the food is at the restaurants here as well! It actually tastes like real food, not plastic with generous portions too! So if you're thinking of moving to California, my suggestion would be FORGET it!! Too liberal and expensive. Oh and don't even try to do anything to harm those tiny little smelt fish or you could be behind bars! Till later...our search continues tomorrow.


Cindy B said...

LOl...or Nancy P's sand mouse.
I don't blame you for moving .I would nice where you are..we have lots of friends retiring down there now and love it!

Christine said...

I have a friend who's son bought a house near Phoenix, house around 325k value for 125k, they had to totally replace all flooring because it was so filthy, but he really has something now. Some great deals out there I guess!! Good luck!

Dollgiver said...

What branch of service is your hubby in?? I totally agree not to move to CA!!! Yikes I couldnt wait to move outta that state!!! Good luck in the house hunting!!!

Sharon Stevens said...

Hi Deb..he was in the Air Force..retired after 25 years in reserves. Served 8 years active first.
Yep, today is not soon enough to leave this money hungry state.
We put some offers in on houses especially that we want we should hear from but I know they have several offers. :-(