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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April's Fool

Where is the year going? My goodness it was just January, it seems. I have been wanting to write some but have been so darn busy lately, but then again, busy is a good thing.

Can't believe it's almost Easter, and some days Spring is around, others, it still feels like winter, even here in Southern California. I love the warm days, especially if there's no wind. Here in the desert there's lots of wind.

Hubby and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon to drive over to Arizona in search of a home to purchase for our retirement. We are looking to settle in Avondale, Arizona, which is on the outskirts of Phoenix, and near Luke AFB. We are retired Air Force and want to live near a base to be able to use the commissary frequently. They've closed all the bases around us here in Southern California, so this will be a treat.

We have a very aggressive realtor and have a loan company set up to help us expedite it quickly. I'm sure we'll find something we like. Matter of fact, our agent has been sending us houses via www to view that we might be interested in. There are some great buys out there. Now's the time to purchase.

We can't move to Arizona fast enough! We (California) just got our sales tax increased 1% to help cover the budget. We are also looking at paying double DMV registrations as well on our vehicles. Supposedly, this is all temporary...yeah right...another country heard from.

With the first of the month upon us, don't forget to check out The Humble Arts . This month we were challenged to participate in a Storybook Character Theme. I created "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Pinocchio". I am soo proud of my Pinocchio! He is so vintage looking! Be sure to take time to browse that site for some great eye candy.

Also TDIPT Mercantile has 3 new bunnies I designed with my signature petal bonnets four your purchase and Simply Primitives is also home to several more of my Spring designs in addition to my newest "Wee Bunnies" collection..they are only a wee 13" tall. Still lots of great items for purchase.

Well that's about it for tonight. I'll post when I get back on Monday from Arizona. Wish us luck.


Cindy B said...

Best wishes on the search for your new home sharon. My dh was also in the Amarillo, Lackland, and San Antonio...I fully understand how good a commissary can be to have near you ,,and to be in a state with lower taxes. best wishes...what an exciting time in your lives! Cindy

Snugglebug Blessings said...

I wish you luck in finding a house. How exciting is that?!? I wish I were looking for one, this old house is too old. LOL! But I hear Arizona is a great place to live. Nice and warm not cold as ice like here in WV. Have a wonderful day!


Doreen said...

Best of luck in Arizona Sharon & I love all your new offerings.


Sharon Stevens said...

Thanks Cindy :-)

Sharon Stevens said...

Thanks Cathy

Sharon Stevens said...

Thanks Doreen