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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Good News

We received some great news today...our offer was accepted for a house in Avondale, Arizona. Here's a picture of what's in the backyard

Nice huh? We told ourselves (after having a pool at the home we currently reside in California) that we would never have a pool again, but this one was so pretty and inviting we couldn't turn it down. Plus having a pool in Arizona is certainly different from having one in the desert with all the wild winds and high temps in the daytime and low at night which never allow the water to get warm. Don't think we'll have that problem there. Plus I know our 12 grandchildren will love it. I'm just as excited about the above ground spa too. Just love those. We had one several years ago and for my fibro it'll be great.

I didn't mention in my earlier post that I was having alot of pain from the stress of everything. I was totally miserable. My holistic doctor called me in some strong painkillers which really helped. So now it's subsided.

My sister kept me abreast as to how the private viewing went and it seems everything was smooth as creamy pb. She sent me some pictures of the family and a few of my brother. He looks so peaceful and just the way I remember him. Odd but true.

So back to the home in Arizona, unless the Lord has other ideas, we will be renting out the home till we retire from California (which today isn't soon enough hehe) and head over there. Never know what the Lord has planned. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Mike (dh) was offered a job out of the blue, the way everything is falling into place. That's just the way the Lord's plans work.

On another note, if you haven't visited my website lately, take some time next week to stop by as I am updating it with more items at low prices.

CALLING ALL CHICKEN LOVERS~~us gals at Humble Arts are having a "Wing Ding Chicken Fling" challenge in May. So watch for great chicken creations and maybe even some door prizes! Don't miss out!

Also there will be a brand new selling site called "Early Work Mercantile" that I will be a part of. I know, another site! YIKES, I just couldn't resist. Be sure to watch for some great primitive designs from top artists in the primitive world.

I also will be starting a selling blog and will have some giveaways there too. AND...I will be offering more patterns soon on my website. I guess I have my work cut out for me. Be sure to stop by Pfatt Marketplace ..the April issue came yesterday. Remember also to check out The Primitive Gathering for April on the 15th. Some great designs will be up for purchase there too.

K, that's it for today. Hope everyone has a good Easter tomorrow. Gotta go color eggs with my grandson. Later


Cindy B said...

It sure is lovely! Yes, the Lord sure does provide, sometimes in unexpected ways. I am so sorry to hear about your borther passing ..may your faith sustain you during these diffficult times and also your won comfort continue with the pain you have had.Will look forward to seeing those chicken creations!

Sharon Stevens said...

Thanks Cindy, we are really excited. We put an offer in, site unseen, however, we have a great realtor that knows what we are looking for.

City.Girl.Em said...

Sharon, that backyard is absolutely stunning! Enjoy it, OMG, I love it!

Doreen said...

Congratulations on the new home Sharon..gracious..the back yard is wonderful! We shall all be over for lemonade and sunny ourselves by the pool!

So glad to have you with us for the new site!

You are a busy woman!!!

Sharon Stevens said...

Hi Em..come out to visit me anytime you want! Seriously!!

Sharon Stevens said...

Hey Doreen..the offer stands for you too..grab that swimming suit and hop on a plane ..gotta warn's very hot in Phoenix in the summer so make sure ya bring that sunscreen :-)

Sue Allemand said...

I'm lovin' that backyard too! Looks like a vacation spot! A few feet from your own house! Good luck with the move! Hope it goes smoothly! How funny though - we're just getting ready to move to Southern California! hehe