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Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome Fall

I think it might really be here! Fall that is. I had to leave early this morning to have a medical procedure and it was 40 something degrees out. BRR that's cold for someone who lives in the high desert-Victorville area. Of course, as usual, it's warmed up and beautiful outside now. Thank God for the Sun :-)

I am a badddd blogger. I LOVE to read other's blogs, but when it comes to mine, I just can't seem to find time to work it. Any tips? Just pass them along cuz Lord knows I need them.

I have a brand new pattern for 2009 holiday season, however, she could be left out all year because Lord knows too that we need PEACE! She's Peace Angel~made her debut in Create and Decorate's current magazine ad. If you'd like to purchase her, just zip me an email or visit my website at She is $12.ppd. I accept Paypal, checks or money orders. Isn't she gorgeous?

Check out my website for more closer photos of her and more info regarding her too.

For some new NEWS I will be offering a new pattern just designed which will be debuting in Create and Decorate magazine. Each new magazine will feature a new pattern for purchase, Stay tuned for some great designs!!

Been taking 2 computer classes online from our local community college. Was doing good till this week HA can't figure the darn form out to save my soul. I really prefer the classroom verses this. Mainly because you have no one to ask questions from. Also the computer grades one of my classes and it always happens that I put the right answer in, just not in the same words as the correct one the computer knows and I get that big old red X. I hate those!!

We have alot of new stuff going on in the coming months on TDIPT sure you check it out HEREThere will be giveaways! yayyy everyone like giveaways!!

Be sure to check out my Etsy because I will be listing some new items on there soon. Hope yall enjoy the cooler weather :-)
Cheers, Sharon


lovetheprimlook said...

Sharon, your work ROCKS !!! I cant wait to see more :)


Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Hi Sharon,
What a wonderful Angel!!
Well, I'm not sure what's going on with your background. Looking at your code, it is the code for the roses that you are currently using and not for the spooky flourishes background. One possiblity, if you had the roses background on before, then you need to remove it, and then add the new one. I did test it out on my test blog and have seen it on multiple blogs so, I know that is the correct code. Could you possibly have grabbed the wrong code by mistake? Also, one more thing, if you switch to Bloggers standard "Minima" template, everything will fit and line up so much better. Your currently using "Scribe" which tends to interfere with the code.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you still have trouble.