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Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping Anyone?

Not me. No way, there's nothing I need so bad that I'm willing to fight pepper spray, or being trambled! People are desperate, I suppose. Especially in these tough times where we are trying to stretch a buck as far as it will go.

Want to give you a heads up about our TDIPT Group Launch called "Winter Wonderland" on Ebay which is to start this Sunday.

I'm sure they'll be lots of great Winter and Christmas designs to be had with wonderful old fashioned look and feel along with some whimsy too. I'm not sure if I'll have mine up before Sunday since I will be unavailable that day or the day after, but I plan to be offering something for your bidding pleasure with a low starting bid, so please plan to check out my ebay page to see.

This is definitely sure to make the giver of this gift the talk of the exchange!

On another note, how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. My daughter and her boyfriend joined us for dinner. I'm glad I decided to cook, although my husband said to not bother. Secretly I knew he was just saying that for my benefit, as he loves to have leftovers. I do as well. Besides now I won't have to cook for a few days lol.

Well it's back to work for me. Thanks for taking the time to stop and read.

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Hanni said...

Everything is just wonderful what you do, I love the Scrooge Doll, what a marvelous face!