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Saturday, November 12, 2011

November News

Howdy everyone! I'm in Arizona today but leaving tomorrow to head home. We had to come and finish moving our daughter into her new apartment. She was able to move alot of the stuff herself but we had to get the big items over by truck.

She's really settling in and adjusting. She starts her new job tomorrow at The Gap Warehouse here in Arizona. She was hired as christmas help but they will be keeping some of the workers on fulltime. She's only to get 1 month of work but at least it's something and the pay isn't shabby either.

I can't believe how many jobs there are here. You wouldn't even get an interview where we live in California.

I just cannot wait to move's so much better all around for us to move here. Especially for my aches and pains with fibromyalgia and my back pain. I decided this weekend that I'm getting a calendar and I'm counting down the days till we can finally move over here.

It will be sad leaving tomorrow but I have to get back home cuz I have loads of work w/my business.

We will see them again in a few weeks for Thanksgiving. My daughter and grandson are flying over but he will be with his father and she will fly back on Saturday after Thanksgiving because she has to work on Sunday and we will drive our grandson home after his visit with dad. This is a VERY costly mess with us having to have the total brunt of the expense of getting him to California and back to Arizona, twice a month, plus mom works on Sundays and that's the day she's supposed to pick him up from Dad to drive home or fly. It just is so unfair that father isn't having to help out with this transportation. We are trying our best to follow the Court order but you can't get blood out of a turnip and the well does dry up.

I know the Lord is on our side and will continue to be. He (father) needs to grow up and also stop being so petty over stupid things. He has never taken REAL responsibility for his son since he was born! But expects to have all the rights as a father! What makes it worse is that sucky California lets him get away with it!! Yet he'll threaten my daughter that he will file paperwork that she is in contempt of the Court Order, but he hasn't followed his part! Oh well we may just be going back to Court. Please pray that we can get a change of venue here for her and have it heard before a different judge who doesn't have any connection to the evaluator that the stupid Judge we had thinks "walks on water."

Okay I'll get off my soapbox.

Is it snowing where you live? I grew up with snow in Pennsylvania till I graduated. Never thought that I would never move back there. I do miss the snow alot in the winter..especially around the holidays. Occasionally we get "wanna be" snow in California but it's not like back east.

Have you checked out my items for sale on Etsy lately? I have been listing alot of smaller items that are great for stocking stuffers or exchange gifts. They are all at great low prices too.

Us girls at TDIPT are talking about a group launch soon on Ebay so stay tuned regarding that.

Please remember to support you favorite American made artists this holiday season. We are all hurting in this economy and appreciate all the support you can give.

Well it's late here and I'm the last one up. I better hit the hay. Till later


Flora said...

Hey Sharon , I was wondering where you had been!!! Hope all is well and good and that you made it home safe and sound!!!

Sharon Stevens said...

Yeah I'm here. Hanging in barely. Need/want to change my business adventure. Tired/burned out on primitive dolls...any suggestions? You successfully have managed to design clay sculptures. Mine don't seem to go well. Not sure what I'll be doing. Thanks Flora

Sharon Stevens said...
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