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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today was the last day of our Court trial for our daughter and grandson to be able to move to Arizona with us when we retire. We won!

We are very happy with the Court's approval, however, I can't say that I feel the same about some of the proceedings.

Why is it that a person can be ordered to pay child support, provide proof of insurance, proof of residence and never abide by the orders be given everything on a silverplatter as if he was doing everything he was ordered? Yet a mother, who is just trying to make a better life for her child, is admonished if she even breaks one of the orders that father will get permanent custody of a child that has been in her physical custody since birth (child aged 5) Where is the damn justice in that?????? It's like, okay I ordered this but it's okay if you don't do what I problem, we'll still make mother (who btw isn't getting support) and who is unemployed and living with parents pay for all visitations to and from Arizona to California, oh and not only that, make sure if you're visiting need to give him an overnight visit!!! Where the he-- is the justice in that?

Now, mind you, we have all intention on keeping father involved in grandson's life, however, why is it that the grandparents are expected to fund the cost of getting child here/there but father not?? What kinda crap is that??

And limit mother to a specific airport even if one nearby are cheaper? Who cares..mother's paying, not father, and we wouldn't even think of making this a bit of a hardship on father!!!! CRAP! and then to be told (threatened) in taking her son away is uncalledfor. But that's okay, because this ruling commissioner hasn't heard the last of us. He has expressed his opinion regarding my husband's feelings toward the father without really knowing how my husband feels at all!!! Shame on him.

Why does it seem that the people who are following the law, are the ones who are never appreciated when the deadbeats and the nonfollowers get away with m der?
I worry about our Courts! They are terribly screwed up!!!

Sorry to go get on my soap box, but it's just not right!!! Perhaps if she didn't follow the Court order, then maybe some chastising might be expected but to hold this over her head...what kinda crap is that?

This has been a very hard, long, nervewrecking, costly trial. Like I said ..we won, but it just doesn't seem so sweet as it would if the commissioner wasn't so judgmental of our daughter for no means. All I know is we will be documenting, photographing, recording everything that happens, times etc because from the way the judge gave him every excuse he definitely isn't on my daughter's side and I'm sure we haven't had our last day in Court.

Our poor daughter has been through the wringer..a few weeks ago her and I went grocery shopping and came out and discovered a red car parked next to us had MAJORLY banged their passenger door into my daughter's car. My daughter had just had bodywork done on her car with a new paint job about a year ago. Red paint was on her white car and vice versa on their door. Nonetheless the jerk wasn't even smart enough to move his car! of course he didn't leave a note with his insurance info either. So we walked inside and had security help us..they photographed it and paged the party who never responded. So the police were called, came and then out comes the wild, lowlife guy prancing around like he was strung out on dope; who started to yell at the cop; calling the black card and how the cop was taking these white ladies word for everything,on our side etc and he wasn't admitting to hitting the car; or paying for it and we weren't getting any info from him. You can imagine the look on his face when my husband shows up and is black as well!! HA priceless!

Let me tell you what!! If I were a cop, his ass would have been put in my cruiser immediately, but this cop had the patience of Job and finally after he kept arguing with the cop he told him he either gives us his info or he'll take a trip to the station and be charged with hit and run; which he already committed! okayyy..sounds good..he finally gives him the info; however, the police took our address which we had to provide (that law needs to be changed!!!) and we went on our way. Why was it that I really expected something to happen in response to that??? Was it cuz he's a lowlife LA freekin jerk? hmm I wonder...BUT our daughter leaves to take our grandson to school on his first day and she says something smells of fire inside her car...we had a forest fire nearby the day before but that's not it!! Here her whole dash is ripped out, destroyed, her window is not going up or down; and lastly there was a fire set on the passengers side! does that sound like something someone would have done in retaliation??

Our only recourse is to file another police report on this and pay a $300 deductible on her insurance to have it fixed. What kinda crap is that??? Another injustice! However, they left a cigarette butt in the car...the police took it but they are so overloaded and underbudget that I'm sure they won't be pursuing whose DNA is on that. Maybe they should turn it over to the insurance company, ya think???

This all happened in the middle of the trial and it's the hottest days of summer it's been in the desert and she can't even open her windows and her a/c compressor went out!! Talk about Satan attacking?? Please keep us in prayer or well wishes or what have you. We don't deserve this Karma, believe me. I think this was a test to see how my body responds to stress!!!


deb said...

holy cow Sharon.....glad you won the trial but crap that sucks about your daughters car...and I HATE when dead beat dads get preferential treatment...ugh, why are the courts on the side of the bad guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Stevens said...

Yeah, these Judges have made some really bad mistakes here in California.
Gotta get off my soap box and start producing for my show next month.

Penny said...

So sorry about all this awful news, Sharon. Yes, it is great that you "won" in court, but the stress associated with that and with the damage done to your daughter's car is unbelieveable -- and I send prayers and good wishes for better days ahead.....

bw said...

So sorry, it does always seem that way, the evil ones of this world seem to be able to get buy and not pay for what they have done, someday it will catch up to them, just not when we want it to.. I wish the best for you, your daughter and granchild.I will keep you all in my prayers and send good thoughts your way..