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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Items on Ebay

While browsing blogs, I read several by prior primitive doll designers, who have decided that dolls weren't selling as well as they used to, and changed their direction for their business. Most moved on to cross stitched items, needle punch and other lines.

Although I love vintage cross stitched samplers and needle punch, I couldn't see myself doing anything but this. Regardless how well my dolls are selling, and what they are selling for, I'm loyal to my doll designing. It's in my blood. How could I turn my head on them. The partial bodies in my sewing room would be pleading "Why aren't you putting me together, creating me, dressing me. Aging me?" Some say you have to go with what's selling and selling for good money. Nope not me!

Wanted to share with you some of my newest Ebay listings. I have an adorable family of old fashioned black sock dolls made like the really vintage dolls made decades ago.

Aren't they adorable? They have a very low starting bid at $24.99.

Then I also have a cute snowgal skater listed.

She's a cutie and will surely brighten up your cold, wintery days till Spring! She also has a low starting bid at $24.99.

One of my newer designs is my 9" Raggedy Ann dolls that I have listed on Etsy. Here's one that's listed

They sell for $39.99 plus shipping. There are a few left.

I also have been selling these mixed media altered art angels.

They are small at about 3" and come with hangers. People have purchased these for all sorts of things. I'll be working on more of these too.

If you would like to view my Etsy, CLICK HERE

Likewise if you'd like to view my Ebay items CLICK HERE.

It's about time for my relaxing bath so with that I'll sign off. Thanks for all the prayers and emails from all you wonderful people regarding my father. You just don't know how much it means to me!!


Constance said...

Your dolls are precious; I've noticed that there are fewer doll artist these days and I am sorry to see that. Dolls are eternal and they never go out style; no matter if they are primitive or more modern. A primitive time worn doll is as comforting as a healing hug. We all need the confort and the memories they bring. I'm glad to know you will continue to make memories.
Take care,

LizziesRaggs said...

Your Raggedy Annie Doll is adorable! The stocking dolls I also like. I too make dolls and have for over 30 years! I can`t seem to get away from it either. I have noticed that dolls are everywhere now and especially the raggedy annie. But still make them.

Sharon Stevens said...

Hi Sallie,
Yes, it seems that alot of doll makers decided that dolls weren't the thing anymore and moved onto remaking old samplers or needlepunch.
I like the old samplers and needlepunch too, but dolls are really my "spirit" and I will continue to make these.

Sharon Stevens said...

Thanks for the compliment on my Raggedy Annie doll. There are alot of those around but not near as many as there were several years ago.
Good luck in your business!