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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yes, it's true! Large flakes of snow are falling but not sticking, darn! I know, I know all you folks who got hammered are ready to ship me a truck load or more.

Growing up in East PA and having snow every year brings back good memories of my childhood. Course I wasn't the one who needed to clean up after it either.

How many are glad 2010 is over? I know I am. On Wednesday, December 29th, my father was admitted in the hospital. His symptoms were dizziness when rising, shortness of breath (he has had problems in the past). Like alot of men, he didn't think he needed to go and finally my stepmom convinced him it was time.

Then there was "the phone call I had been dreading". My father has a spot on his right lung in the upper part under the shoulderblade area. They claim it measures 2 1/2 cm by 1 1/4 cm big..Is that small? medium or large?

He had a team of doctors ordering tests. It's hard because apparently where he worked, he inhaled toxic chemicals that are destroying his lungs. So they can't do the normal biopsys, some sort of needle tests that help find treatment for him.

I know we all are going to die one day, and I and my father do believe in the Lord almighty and are sealed with the blood and all that, but it's still scarey. He's no spring chicken at 81 (to be 82 on 1/13/11)so I'm sure that's another mark against him. However, it really makes you stop and think how fast life passes by.

My dad has always been a joker, even now he lives up to the name that's tatooed on his arm (JOKER). He used to let us kids (6) guess the letters and #'s on a dollar bill and if we got some of them right we got the dollar. That was just one thing he did.

The one thing that stands out in my mind is him saying that when I'm 15 I'll be (blank) years younger than him. Then he proceeded to say when I'm 30, he'll only be (blank) years older than me...continuing on. He's good at math can calculating things like that.

Just like my grandmother, Mildred, used to do, he is always in a good mood and laughing all the time. Now he's very depressed and cries alot.

I would appreciate any prayers for him- Ken Rabenold; and his wife, Anne Rabenold. She is a saint. This is her third marriage that her husband has had cancer. She is a breast cancer survivor too. Keep them in prayer if you will. Prayer does change things.

I'll keep everyone up to date here on my blog. He goes for a PET scan sometime this week which will tell exactly where the cancer is, if in fact, it is cancer.

Well, the snow is starting to fall pretty heavy and sticking. Hubby said it's supposed to snow all night. Maybe I'll be able to make a snow angel after all.

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Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Prayers to your father and stepmother. Best wishes for the PET scan. Now on to see what you've created.

Sharon Stevens said...

Thanks so much, Patti. I really appreciate it.