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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ready for Halloween?

It seems these seasons just fly by anymore. Why even put away the decorations? We'll need them in what seems like a month. Sometimes it hard to keep up with it all.

Well to join the crowd, I've just listed an adorably ugly witch, Witch Twilight and her friend, Henry the mouse/rat, whatever you call them. Photobucket Twilight is like me, just not ready for Halloween already. Isn't she cute as can be? Well then rush right over to my ebay, read all about her and bid. You won't be sorry you did!
She's got lots of cuzzins and sistas and such that are coming to visit.So stay tuned!

Next month on PFATT Marketplace we are having our Holly Jolly July..which means we are celebrating Christmas in July!! Isn't that great? Gives you plenty of time to start shopping and finish early. If you spread it out it's not so bad. There will also be door prizes, so make sure that you visit in July. No purchase necessary.

And Next month on TDIPT we are celebrating Christmas as well!! Hearing jingle bells all the way this month. Don't forget to view the new designs offered on July 1st~
So I've been busier than a bee, trying to keep up with the seasons and all my going ons.
Lemme hear whatcha think about Witch Twilight and Henry, will ya?

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