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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday was a sad day for us TDIPT gals. One of our own, only 46 years young, Sue Zalik, had a heart attack and died. She was one of the sisters from 2stitchin. Lynn and Sue have been designing and stitching up samplers for years.
Sue was very proud of her children, a 26 year old daughter who attends college and a 12 year old son who she was always escorting to participate in sports. She was a family woman, married to her husband for 24 years. This is indeed a sad time. We will miss you Sue, but we promise to take good care of Lynn like you would want us to do. RIP Sue
Makes you really think of your own mortality when it hits so close to home. I've had several friends pass the last 2 years, several friends and friends' children. I hug my children a little longer and tell them I love them whenever I can. We never know when our name will be called.
Be sure to show the ones you love how much you love them each and every day. It might be your time next.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh my goodness!! I will certainly hold you, your group and her precious family in my thoughts and prayers!! What a sad day for sure!! Oh so young!! Take care!!

Doreen said...

This is so very sad. I'm so sorry to hear this. Prayers for you all and especially her dear family.


Humble Crow said...

Hi Sharon,

I just added you to my blog.


Rosemary said...

wow, that is so sad! I was certainly a fan of her samplers.

Sandra said...

Hi Sharon sorry to hear of Sue's passing. I alos this pass month lost a good friend, my dear friends hubby died. As you said you never know. Takecare and Live life to the fullest!!
Hugs Sandra