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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some great blogs to share

I've been awarded the "You Make My Day" Award by Denise White..fromThe Cats Pyjamas & 2 Friends Design
1. Flea Market Studio...some great eye candy there;

2.Beardeaux Bears & Friends (Linda Johnson)..she makes some really great designs!

3.Sampler Post aka Anniebeez ...she's going a different route, but still love her dollies~

Also..I've been tagged by Kelle at 2 Dancing Crows to "Tell How I got my Name"...

K, yes, you guessed it. From the Bible. What better way to start a business than with the Lord in charge? He has blessed me so much in my 16 years of business. There you have it..I tag:

1.Suzanne from Pear Tree Primitives;

2.Lorraine from Pie Cake Primitives and

3.Annie from Iblur or Alleghany Annie

Whew Glad that's done.

That's all for today...I'll come back tomorrow and post some more. Promise to show you what great finds I got at the thrift shop today. Haven't been there in a lonnng time. Till then..keep stitchin


Suzanne said...

That is a wonderful way to start a business Sharon! Thanks for the tag.

A gathering Place for Eclectic Artisians said...

And you have an Award on my Blog...Check it out...Sandra

Doreen said...

Thanks for sharing these Sharon. I will be sure to check out the one's I've not yet seen.


Flora said...

Hey Sharon,
I've given you an award come visit my blog and see!