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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Calgon Take Me Away!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE BUBBLEBATHS!! Ouu the nice warm water, my head resting on a pillow with a good magazine that's MY ending to a hectic day.

I have been taking a bunch of those lately. My year started out with a major headache! Nothing worse then finding out that, for the best of your business, it's best that you move your website to another server.

Now, I'm pretty much a computer dummy. I'll admit it! Raisin my hand here. But I gave it a good shot..actually I worked on the darn thing for 3 days solid and was determined to kill the beast...finally at the end of the 3rd day I realized that I could have been making 3 times what it would cost me to hire someone, so guess what I did...yep! I left it to the experts. Well I have to say tho that I am proud of myself as I did get some of it correct. Anyways it's up and running with the help of Lisa Las Vegas and Denise White..'2 friends' their called. If you need computer help..they are definitely the ones to get! So make sure you all go over to my website and check out the new look! This program that I'm with now is so much better than the other. So many more options. The only problem I have now is I have to add all my products now. So bear with me while I do this in the next couple of days.

I'm sure I'll be enjoying my trips away with Calgon.


Denise said...

Hey, Sharon....decided to come over and read your blog and you were talking about me!! lol!! BTW, I love bubble baths too...I can soak for hours, as long as I have a good book or some magazines!

Sharon Stevens said...

Glad to hear there's someone else out there that loves bubble baths too, Denise

Suzanne said...

Hi Sharon~ Glad you were able to get all the "computer stuff" worked out! I probably would have been a "prune" having tried to soak away my frustrations after that experience!

Sharon Stevens said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting to my blog, Suzanne :-) I have been a "prune" lots of times hehe

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Found you and love your blog...also your new website...great colorings...I have admired your work for a very long time and glad to say, "hello" Thanks for the link and will be adding your now!! Happy day!!

momma said...

Hey stranger...glad to see ya blogging.....we have something in comman, I soak for an hour every night too, candles, hot tea, the whole ball of wax, its my time to enjoy and de stress.....heres my