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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas yet? We're getting there. We put up our 12 ft tree. Still have to put lights up outside. Since our 2 year old grandson enjoys them so much, we are more in the mood than ever to celebrate. We went over to our daughter's apartment that she's moving from, to live with us (w/our grandson) and he insisted on driving around to look at all the pretty lights. So we did a little and will have to devote several nights to taking him for rides. I love looking at lights too, and am so glad folks haven't let the economy stop them from putting them up.

A little note on my previous post regarding seeing Holtorf Medical Group (holistic doctors). I am having much success, however, since my insurance refuses to pay and I am on a cash basis, I won't be able to get many IV treatments. Very expensive! I wish the government would step in and help the citizens with this. I'm sure there's alot of us that could use some "bailing out".

I will be cooking a "Thanksgiving" meal for Christmas. We went out for Thanksgiving as we left for vacation on Friday through Monday after Thanksgiving. Hubs and I shared 4 days in Vegas at our timeshare. I love going there. It's off the strip and so relaxing. No cooking, cleaning or anything.

The weather here in the desert (high) of Southern California goes from cold to warm and vice versa, however, it tends to be really cold at night.

I recently purchased some AWESOME microfleece sheets from Walmart that everyone was ranting about on a message board I'm a member of. I ordered 2 sets ($44.95 + tax for King size a set). I got them thinking that since hubby is always cold that he would like them. Me, I'm always warm and was somewhat concerned that I would be roasting. What a surprise when I crawled into bed..they are soo darn comfortable and not hot at all. I would highly recommend them!

Well my sewing room is calling my name and I really need to get back to work. Just wanted to stop and share a few things. Promise to do more later..:-)


Atticbabys said...

Hello Sharon , just dropped in to wish you and yours a Very Merry Holiday Season! (& Thanks for the tip on the sheets, I will have to look into some for sure!)

deb said...

I agree with ya on the weather...totally unoredictable isnt it......goes from summer to winter then back again, 60 one day. ...80 the next......I love the cold nights too since Im always hot!!!! AND yes...bail US out...the hard working folks.....I spent way too much $$$ on fabric last year, I need my butt bailed out,lolololol......Merry Christmas Sharon, maybe we can get together in 2009!!!

Village Folk Art said...

Hi Sharon...Just want to let you know that I live in Apple Valley,
Del Web's Solera near Jess Ranch. Looks like we are neighbors & TDIPT sisters & that your creations are just beautiful. Hope you keep feeling better too.
Since it has been really windy today and the sky is getting very dark and grey (4:44)...maybe we will get some snow...That is fine as long as I do not have to drive in it.
Hope to talk to you again,
Village Folk Art