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Monday, September 29, 2008

Starting Over

I titled this post starting over because here I go again, got away from blogging. My life has been crazy lately...does that count? hehe

Not only am I dealing with my life and it's ups and downs, but also my 20 yo daughter's life with my 2 year old grandson. She's going through a divorce right now and it's hard not to get involved with her and my soon to be son in law arguing all the time. There should be a law about "children" playing house!! It's maddening cuz the little ones are the ones who suffer. Okay I'll get off that wagon and onto another...the economy...whoa that's a BIG one! Although we are all in the same boat with the money crisis. It's pretty bad in Southern California. However, every so many years it seems we go through the foreclosures around here. This time the whole country is going through it with us. What a mess?

Feel sorry for the next president who inherits this mess! Okay..don't throw tomatoes at me..but I truly hope that McCain wins. We will be in BIG trouble if Obama wins. I don't like hate mail so that's as far as I'll go on the presidential race topic.

I'm planning to take part in a craft festival, which I haven't done for years! I'm going to be participating at "Sugar Plum Festival" in Pomona, California at the Fairplex. If you live nearby make sure you don't miss this show. It is held HERE.

I won't personally be there because I am participating in the "Barn" which is a drop off, pick up blended area. There are alot of imports, however, there are still some handcrafted designs available for purchase from designers like me, so don't let the imports scare you!! Help out us starving artists! hehe I will have tags on my designs with my Mustard Seed Original logo so you will be able to find my items. I usually sell out quickly so be sure to get there early for best selection.

On another note, I just found out that my nephew, Kory Rabenold, for anyone who follows NASCAR racing, was just picked by Jeff Gordon to be a driver! This kid (20 yo) has been racing since he could practically walk. He started out at the bottom and boy can he drive! He will drive with ARCA right now and work his way up. So if you go to any ARCA races or watch any on TV and they mention that Kory Rabenold is the driver say a HURRAY for me! Will ya? Can you tell I'm a proud aunt??

One of the reasons I have been missing in action is because of this OUCH! This is no ordinary needle, it's a catheter used for epidurals. This is what I get several of every week or so from my Pain Management Specialist in my lower back all the way to the top. Along with my pain from fibromyalgia, I also have nerve and muscle pain from my back surgery 7 years ago. I try to manage it by getting deep tissue massage once a week as well. Oh well everyone has a cross to bear and this is mine. Thank Goodness it's not Cancer. If it's any consolation, my doctor is an angel :-)

I have several new designs for purchase on three different co-op websites this week. I have three new designs on TDIPT; HUMBLE ARTS; and SIMPLY sure to check them all out on the 1st of October. Remember to refresh your pages to see the new October items.

One last thing I'd like to say is I apologize to several different bloggers bigtime! They have been so kind as to give me several different blog awards. I do appreciate receiving such awards, however, sometimes it's hard for me to even get time to write. Also, it's hard to find time to 'tag' or select others to participate as there are so many awesome blogs out there that I don't even get to read! So please don't be angry that I haven't participated. Please know that I do value those awards and I appreciate your understanding. With that I better hubs is bringing my grandson over from daycare for some quality time.


Doreen said... have so much going on..we all understand..I've been finding myself not wanting to blog and be on the computer much at all these days...I don't know...just not into it right now I guess..I'm finding it's forced..and I don't want it to be that way!!

So sorry to hear about your daughters divorce..things like this are so hard for everyone involved but especially the little ones.

Congrat's to your nephew..that is fantastic!! Good for him!!!

I can't imagine getting the needles like you goodness!!! I struggle with herniated disk in my back and I have noticed it becoming progressively worse recently and I'm beginning to wonder what my next step is. I'm just hoping if I ignore will go away!!

Best of luck with the show I know you will do great..even with this very scarey economy of ours!

I saw your "dusty" on Tdipt this morning and fell in love with him..that aqua fur is fantastic!!! He's got such a dreamy look about him...he grabbed at my heart strings!

Have a wonderful day

deb said...

wow, you doing a show...I didnt even know about this show but I guess I must go and check it out.....sorry about your daughter, been there done that. I agree about McCain, we need his experience, and we dont need higher taxes......I cant find your email address, I want to know more about the show!

Doreen said...

Sharon. Thank you so for stopping by and saying hello..It was so good to hear from you.


Rosemary said...

Hi Sharon! Go look at my blog. I have pics of your dolls in Lynda halls booth at quilt market!! Rosemary

Rosemary said...

They are pictured in her new book too :) I love your dolls and was glad to get to see them. Her booth was precious! Don't you have family in spring? Come visit girl! I have a guest room now :) I miss talking to ya! I met one of your friends , Debbie, aka cucaroo. I've been commenting her blog and last night we got to chatting because she commented on the pic of your dolls on my blog. I asked her if she knew you and she said yall were bffls :) Small world ;)
What have you been up to? I saw where you are having fits with your pain again. I'm sorry to hear that! Are you able to sew dolls anymore? I miss talking to you! Stay in touch :)Send me your email address. Heres mine rosemary

Trudy said...


Sending you a big cyber hug, I do understand how crazy life can be with physical problems, and stress. Not a great combination at all!

I hope that your daughter and her divorce get settled quickly for your sake.

Wooly hugs to you,


Village Folk Art said...

Hi Sharon...I too am from So Cal and new with TDIPT. What a wonderful friendly group. I love to listen in to their chatting. I am with you but we LOST. God Bless America, we will need it.
I have been going to a pain management Dr for sciatica/Spinal arthritis. It eventually helps, but am checking into a Laser treatment program with minimally invasive procedure, out patient kind of stuff.
Have you heard or know about any of this?
Anyways back to business...Your dolls are great...Hope you do well with your shows too.

Peace & Blessings,
Village Folk Art

Sandra said...

Hi Sharon...You may not remember me ..I met you in Orange County several years ago....You were doing the show.
I have fibromyalgia, and do the pain management also. I every two week do accunpunture....but that is 27 needles in you back , arms and seem to be helping some times...But with menopause and all the other things going on with me...I do know how you feel.
Hang in there... I always say..."day to day it has to stop hurting soon."
I do find when I go to a casino with friends...I do not feel the pain ...until I leave and see I have no money , then the pain is in my pocket...LOL
Drop by my blogs sometimes and visit. If you go to my greeting card site you can see my picture and maybe will remember me.
Thanks for showing the needle...I really need that !!

Village Folk Art said...

Mornin' Sharon,
Sorry about your surgery being such a 'pain in the neck'. Hope it tirns out favorably.
FYI...I live in Apple Valley, looks like we are neighbors. Nice to know someone in the group nearer than most of the others.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours,
Village Folk Art