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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lots of Exciting News for March!!!

Lots of great things happening at TDIPT next month that I have to shout out about. Hey, that rhythms! It is our 1 year anniversary as a co-op selling group! Thanks to all our loyal customers, You made it happen. So we only saw fitting to give back to our customers! With that in mind we are going to be having a HUGE GIVEAWAY with fantastic designs to special people. That's FREE primitives from top notch designers FOLKS! DON'T MISS OUT!!! My free giveaway is that picture at the top of a 30" wide spring swag. It reads "Spring Has Sprung". You have to go to the TDIPT Mercantile on the 1st to find out the details of how to enter and win! Be sure to check out the newest designs on March 1st.
On another note..Just in case you've all been wondering where I've been. Well, time got away from me this month. I had some surgery and then developed a sinus infection which seems to be going away, I hope. I'm healing nicely and you'll be hearing more from me now on a regular basis.
I added alot of new blogging friends to visit this past month. Be sure to check em all out.
It's almost planting time here in Southern California. We have been having rain, YES, rain! I'm really hoping to get a mini garden going this year with some homegrown tomatoes if nothing else. Also some pretty flowers. I'll probably choose to do the above ground plots since our ground/sand is like hard clay/rock.
Took a trip to my local scrapbooking store today. I love that place! I just keep collecting all these supplies but do nothing with them. Am I the only one who does this insane thing? I am determined to take a class. I love those mini scrapbooks they make with chipboard!
Then there's the quilting I wanna do! Just too many irons in the fire here. I need some organizational skills. Send me some if you have any.
Here's some tips for primitive designing if you need any:
Cut off pieces of thread to attach your primitively already stained dollies, and coffee stain them and then wrap them around an empty spool so when you have to touch up something the thread will already match the body!

Hate it when your sewing machine runs out of bobbin thread? Dang, that always happens when you're on a roll huh? I suggest purchasing the "Sidewinder" bobbin threader!! OMG!! You will think you've gone to heaven!! It's well worth the $30! check it out here.I have had one for a few months now and I'm hooked! Reason I suggest there is because I just purchased one for my daughter and they sell it cheaper than most and their shipping is lower. TRUST ME!! THIS WILL BE THE BEST $30 YOU'LL DROP! Well worth it!

That's all the tips I have for now, but don't worry, I'll be back ;-)


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Love your swag!! woo hoo on 1 year anniversary!! But hold the phone....the sidewinder thingy....that eliminates stopping and unthreading your machine....winding your bobbin...and then rethreading your machine? WOW!! I'm off to check that puppy out!! Now if they would just come out with a cone like bobbin....I'd be a happy girl!! LOL Thanks for the info!!

Nancy Lee Malay said...

I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better, Sharon! Your doorprize for TDIPT Merc turned out awesome - but then, anything you make is always great!


Dogpatch said...

Sharon, your bunnie swag has springtime written all over it! I just love the polkadots!
Someone is going to be dee-lighted!

Thanks for sharing your review of the sidewinder!

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Thanks for the neat tips, and hope you are fully recovered from surgery and the sinus issues!! And are not alone!! I'm sure there are many of us that gather....gather for this, gather for that....for the day we have all 24 hours every day to use for creating!! Thanks for sharing!! Sincerely, Trudy in Colorado